4 Reasons Why Uber Will Never Beat a Professional Limo Service


Since the day humanity invited the wheel, the development of technology has been aimed towards making our lives easier. And arguably, we’re living in the golden age of convenience. Everything you need is just a tip of the finger away, be it a pizza, a hotel, a Russian tank or a taxi service.

Transportation companies like Uber, Lyft of Sidecar have changed the way customers connect to their rides. It should not come as a surprise that this innovative method that is cheaper and often more reliable than a regular Taxi service would endanger its predecessor. How often did you have to wait with a lifted finger in a crowded street before you finally caught a taxi? How often did you have to hold the line before you’ve reached a free operator? With Uber, the nearest transport is just a click and five minutes away.

But what about established limo services like Presidential Limo DC? How much has Uber endangered their business? Not really that much.

In this article, we’ll examine the reasons why Uber and similar services don’t pose a direct threat to limousine services.

4 Reasons Why Uber Will Never Beat a Professional Limo Service

The Quality of Vehicles

Uber has not directly influenced the way respectable limo services work, mainly because these services offer a more sophisticated form of service. While Uber cars are mainly privately-owned, family cars, Limo services use sophisticated vehicles with a number of amenities. Limo services aim to make the ride as comfortable as possible, and often offer finger food and refreshments or even flowers on special occasions.

The Quality of Service

Therefore, Uber is more of a threat to traditional taxi services rather than limo services. Clients choose to hire a limo service only on special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, bachelor parties, proms, and other occasions suggested here: http://presidential-limo.com/blog/4-occasions-use-limo/. Limo services are often associated with luxury, and as such are far cry from Uber services which are more often linked to convenience and affordability.

One more thing worth noting is that Uber drivers are not professional chauffeurs. They hail from all walks of life and different professions. On the other hand, limo services hire professional drivers with the appropriate licenses. A professional chauffeur is classy, experienced and professional. Uber drivers can often be rude and have trouble navigating the route to the destination you need to go to. This is something you’ll never have to worry when you hire a professional limousine.

The Length of Service

Uber is mainly an on-demand service. That means that an Uber ride is not really fit for a wedding party which makes several stops and often needs the driver to wait. Unlike Uber, a limousine can be rented for the entire day. This makes the waiting times shorter and the price much more affordable.

The Price

With everything already stated, it should come as no surprise that limo services are considerably pricier than a service such as Uber. However, while Uber prices tend to escalate during the holidays or special occasions such as local events, limousine service prices are constant throughout the year.

Another factor that contributes to the price is the fact that an Uber driver cannot wait for you for too long or is going to charge you additionally for that. On the other hand, you can hire a limo service for an entire day and not have to worry about whether the driver will wait for you.

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