Are Organic Clothes Really Organic | Facts & Myths Busted


Organic clothing is the up and coming trend in the fashion industry with a growing demand that is increasing day by day. Not only this,but also organic cotton farming is leaping by huge bounds and establishing itself as a major crop. Every mother it seems are buying organic cotton clothingfor their toddlers and newborns, and likewise most of the people are opting for organic yoga wear.  After all, the cloth is free from any chemicals or toxic carcinogens, and this is just one advantage among many others. But is it really the truth?

Are Organic Clothes Really Organic


Essentially,organic clothing or organic cotton farming (the most common) is a type of farming method that causes minimalistic impact on the environment. The use of pesticides and chemicals is actually avoided in this type of cultivation, which ultimately helps in the preservation of the environment. Organic farming also makes use of the technique crop rotation thereby benefiting the land and the soil.


The general population has a tendency to think that ‘organic’ simply means that no chemicals or pesticides were used, however, that is not the case. The brands that come with a certification of a renowned body, follow these norms. But, the others might use pesticides and chemicals or the cotton/fiber is produced with the help of GMO’s (Genetically modified organisms).

Even after the cotton crop is harvested, the production processes like bleaching, carding, essentially vital in the process of converting the fiber to a piece of cloth causes pollution and even in during this stage, chemicals are pumped in a huge amount. The GMO’s used are actually prone to require even more water, land and labor than the conventional cotton plant. The average cotton crop requires 25% more water than a basic crop.

For the companies that provide certified organic cotton or 100% organic cotton clothing, it is necessary to check which accreditation body they are referring to. Ideally, according to the GOTS, which is a standard followed by United States, clothing made of 80% or more organic cotton is regarded as completely organic.

Sometimes, the process of growing the crop is organic but the manufacturing of the clothes is not. Right from the seed, to the fiber and to the garment, if the norms are followed, such as no chemical usage, no child labor, no non-biodegradable material usage, etc, then the clothes are considered to be organic. Natural fiber might be organic, but not necessarily every natural fiber is organic.


Yes, they are. The most crucial reason simply being that they do not contain a huge dosage of the chemicals. They prove to be a notch higher than normal cotton or synthetic, because not only they are good for your health but also it helps the environment to an extent, no matter how small it may be. Additionally, organic farming helps the farmers lead a better way of living life, ultimately restricting them from any kind of contact between them and the hazardous chemicals.

Organic cotton clothing has an edge asthey help in keeping your kids and yourself healthy and safe from any pesticides that has a risk of any allergies or skin diseases. Organic cotton crops, right from the seeding stage, benefit the environment, the farmers and in the end, the consumer as well. They come along with just one con, and that is their cost, which is because of the high level of efforts put in growing these crops.

Therefore organic clothing is the way to go. Sure they might not be as organic as you think and they might not even completely save the environment. But it is a step forward to giving back and with continuous technological advancements organic farming will prevail.

This type of farming does takes a up a lot of resources but it also means that you will get to live in a world free of the harmful toxins and chemicals and never mind the fact that you will also remove your dependency on synthetic materials. With new options arising everyday from bamboo to organic wool the world will simply learn farming only through organic ways.


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