10 Best Ways to Wear Fur Sliders in 2018


Is there any other trend as effortless, chic and versatile as the fur sliders? I think not. The fur sliders have been accepted with open arms by all the ladies. Due to the comfort that it offers, unlike stilettos, and not to forget its versatility, the fur slides definitely have earned my vote.

They are so easily available in the market with a variety of color range to change from. All you have to do is slip ‘em on and walk out the door. Be it pairing them at the beach or at a party, there is a way to incorporate these babies into any outfit of your choice. Let us see 10 ways of doing so.

1. All Black Outfit

All Black Outfit

No one can ever go wrong with an all black ensemble, can they? Black tee paired with a pair of basic black leggings with extra furry sliders is a perfect outfit for when you are out and about.

2. Casual Chic

Casual Chic

A white shirt and a pair of ripped denims are wardrobe essentials. So take them out the closet and pair with your sliders! As simple as that. This outfit is great for when you have a casual day out planned.

3. Plain White Dress

Plain White Dress

Gigi Hadid definitely knows how to rock this one. A plain white dress in itself so effortless and you can wear it basically anywhere. Paired with a pair of white fur sliders and if you are up for it a fur jacket, you are all good to go. This is perfect for the day but you could always add a red bold lip for the night.

4. Ready For The Beach

Ready For The Beach

Isn’t this outfit just perfect for the beach? You can always mix it up as per your liking but a basic black dress or a romper with a denim jacket wrapped around the waist and a pair bright sliders is a great casual outfit.

5. Sporty Vibes

Sporty Vibes

You can always pair your sliders with a sexy looking sporty outfit. It definitely will make heads turn in your direction.

6. Nail The Airport Look With An All Red Outfit

Nail The Airport Look With An All Red Outfit

Go bold by wearing an all red outfit and pair them with a pair of black or beige fur sliders. Definitely a bold step, but confidence is the key. This outfit takes comfort to a whole new level so it passes off as an ideal airport look.

7. Lace and Fur

Lace and Fur

Quite the sexy combination, isn’t it? You can wear a sexy lace blouse with a pair of skinny denims and fur sliders of course. Normally, one would go for a pair of stilettos or pumps with this outfit but sliders are way more effortless, comfortable and trendy, aren’t they?

8. Pastels and Sliders

Pastels and Sliders

Two of the greatest summer trends I must say. One can definitely give justice to both of them if they are incorporated into the outfit in just the right way. A pastel colored top, a pair of denims and fur sliders. Perfect!

9. Pop of Color

Pop of Color

Instead of adding a pop of color to your outfit with an accessory like a bag, do it by pairing your plain outfit with brightly colored sliders. Nothing would be as effortless and chic as that.

10. Boss Babe

Boss Babe

Who does not want to look like a boss babe? This outfit screams badass, power and comfort. A grey or a navy blue nicely fit jumpsuit with black sliders is your way to go if you want those boss babe vibes around you wherever you go.