Winter 2016 Hair Color Trends Guide


Best Hair Color Trends 2016

As hair color trends have changed each season, the decision of your hair color in this 2016 season can be a difficult one to make. From ombre to rainbow, the colors that women have been choosing are all so beautiful, but are they here to stay?

As winter rolls around, the bright and sunny hair colors from the summer move into darker and richer colors for the colder months. The colors used in winter hair style are selected to showcase the pale skin that most women proudly show off during December, January, and February.

Some women have already chosen to add rich caramel colors to their blonde hair, bright champagne highlights to the red hair, and gentle blonde highlights to darker brown hair. The only difference is with the darkest shades. Women like Kim Kardashian and Rihanna are wearing their dark hair without highlights or with deep red highlights. Their hair color choices make their skin look like porcelain and their dark eyebrows stand out flawlessly.

When you are ready to choose your hair color trend in this winter 2016, select a color that naturally accentuates what you already have – from your eyebrows and eyes, to the tone of your skin. Listed down are the best 2016 hair color trends that are sure to stay for a long while.

Top Hair Color Ideas For 2016

Brown-blonde (Bronde) Hair Color Trends

In the previous year, winter hair colors were rich and many were without highlights, like Rihanna’s brunette style in 2015. While this was a gorgeous choice for the previous year, the hair color trend in winter 2016 will be different. The colors that celebrities are using are deep and multifaceted. Instead of one overall color, celebrities are adding highlights to add depth. Take the brown-blonde (bronde) color that Selena Gomez is currently wearing. The pairing of brown and blonde brightens up the lighter skin tones that naturally occur in the winter.

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Dark Brown Hair Color Ideas For 2016

Along with deep and striking bronde colors, dark and rich mahogany hair is another beautiful option for winter 2016. As women look for ways to color their hair without damaging it, going darker is a trend that will stick around for a while. When women decide to lighter, they have bleach their hair. But, dark colors like auburn or chocolate do not require natural hair colors to be stripped. Dark browns can cover over pinks, purples, or blondes. There are so many shades of brown that are available and the best way to choose the right brown hair for you is to match one to your skin tone.

2016 hair color trends

Anna Kendrick’s hair shows how lovely a rich chocolate brown can look against porcelain winter skin. Of course, Kendrick looks amazing in any hair color, but this color showcases her eyes and it coordinates with her eyebrows. The sheen of this dark color shows off how healthy her hair is, too. And, healthy hair is never out of style. Hair trends like Kendrick’s rich, dark hair and the brown-blonde trend on Selena Gomez have been styles for years and will continue to be popular options for women of all ages. It is important to regularly condition your hair and use a shampoo and conditioner that will help maintain the sheen.

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Hidden Rainbow Trends

Another hair color trend that has been slowly making its way into mainstream hair coloring is the hidden rainbow trend. This is a style that does require patience at the salon. One the surface, women have a traditional hair color that they love, like platinum blonde or a rich brunette. But, underneath, there is a surprise of rainbow hair. In 2015, coloring hair in shades of blue and purple to represent the night sky or an oil slick became all the rage. Now, adding a shock of rainbow into an underlayer has taken over.


Now that colors like intentional gray, lavender, and icy blue have become more mainstream, women who want to enjoy the fun of having unconventional colors can do it while playing a little peekaboo. For this color trend, you pick a swath of your hair to dye in the shades of the rainbow. Then, you cover the swath with your traditionally colored hair. The rainbow style is hidden, unless you choose to show it off in a bun, ponytail, or another type of updo. It is easier to do this style on a short hair cut. This hidden rainbow hair does take several steps to accomplish, especially if you have dark hair naturally. But, the results are unbelievable, especially when the rainbow colors appear with a sweep of the hair.

winter hair color trends

Ombre & Balayage Hair Color Ideas

Along with the dramatic and bold (yet subtle) hidden rainbow hair, ombre and balayage color is still going strongly. Despite the continued popularity in ombre hair, the hair color trend in this winter 2016 is to be even more dramatic with ombre styling. Instead of just using natural browns and blondes to achieve the shift from dark to light, the winter hair trend is to use untraditional colors like shades of blue, lavender, or copper.

top hair color ideas

Of course, if having untraditional hair colors are not an option, the traditional shades are still lovely and on trend. However, if you can go with a blue shade, ask your stylist about denim blue. If ombre is not your style, but you want a precise hand-painted look, balayage is a safe option. Your roots can stay natural and the tips can be colored, or vice versa.

best hair color trends 2016

Dirty Ash Blonde Color Trends

And, as always, blonde hair will be a continued trend in 2017. Instead of a bright, bold platinum, the blonde hair that will be trending during the winter is a dirtier ash blonde. Since the California girls are always in the sun, blonde will never go out of style; but, the appreciation for winter does set the trend at a darker version. January Jones displays the dirty blonde that will be all the rage in the winter. Blondes can get even trendier with a little bit of dark root showing, too.

2016 hair color trends

Of course, the most beautiful hair color trend in this winter 2016 is the color that you feel the most confident wearing. Everyone has a different style, so whether you choose to hide rainbow hair or you prefer a dirty blonde look, wear it like you own it.

So, which hair color trends would you love to carry this winter?

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