5 Surprising Ways to Use Common Kitchen Ingredients in Facial Masks


Ahhh, spa days.

When the weather is so cold that spending even 0.05 of a second outside is enough to turn my fingers into icicles and my once-soft mane of hair into something that would look more at home in a chicken coop, there’s nothing I like better than retreating to my central-heated lair and pampering myself with a bunch of DIY treatments.

It was actually on such a day last year (when the whole town was completely shut down for a snow day) that I finally ended up discovering how to use my at-home laser hair removal machine- to great success I might add (see hairfreeclub.com).

Evidently, snow days do serve their purposes.

Even though this year I have yet to be barricaded inside by an impenetrable wall of the cold white stuff, I’ve still been working on creating loads of awesome DIY facial masks with ingredients straight out of my kitchen (because who wants to drive to the pharmacy in the snow anyway?!).

What I love most about these facial masks (and no, it’s not the fact that if you get some in your mouth it tastes absolutely delicious) is how soft my skin feels after I use them. If you also live in a cold country, you’ll know exactly the pain of dealing with winter skin.

Beat the bad skin blues and make use of those leftover ingredients all in one go! Here are 5 awesome (and slightly surprising) ways to use common kitchen ingredients in your facial masks:

1. Coffee


Coffee is totally excellente for your skin.

Used coffee grounds are my latest obsession this year (which is a happy coincidence, considering how much coffee our house goes through every day).

Seriously, you wouldn’t believe how many things you can do with used coffee grounds. Fertilize your garden, scrub away cellulite, nourish dry hair… and of course, whip up a face mask to treat dull, flaky skin!

My absolute favorite way to do this is by mixing one heaped spoonful of coffee grounds, another one of cocoa powder, plus one more of coconut oil (just enough to form a paste). The coffee grounds act as an exfoliator (as does the cocoa powder) and the coconut oil leaves your skin feeling super moisturized.

2. Pumpkin


This was a new one to me. My roommate went off on vacation with her boyfriend and left me a humongous pumpkin with a sticky note on top that said ‘eat me’. Well, if you insist…

I quickly learned that a girl can only eat so much pumpkin soup, pumpkin bread, and pumpkin mash (I did say it was humongous).

Enter: the pumpkin facial mask.

This is an awesome recipe for anyone who has excess oil or large pores. It also does a great job of reducing any skin irritation that you might feel during the cold winter months.

Boil or steam the pumpkin until it’s extremely soft and mashable, then stir in a spoonful of brown sugar and enough water to make a paste. I also like to add in a couple drops of organic argan oil for added moisturizing power.

3. Yogurt

As well as being ridiculously delicious, greek yogurt is an incredible facial moisturizer.

It’s such a versatile base ingredient; you could pretty much add whatever else you wanted to it to make it into a facial mask: turmeric for glowing skin, oats for exfoliation…

My favorite is to stir through a spoonful of raw organic honey (it’s a natural antibacterial and another great moisturizer).

This mask works best for those with dry, damaged or flaky skin.

4. Oats

As I mentioned above, oats are an awesome ingredient to include in your homemade facial mask- and the best thing is, oats are one of those ingredients you almost always have lurking on the back shelf in the pantry.

Ground oats work well as a mild exfoliant if your prefer something more gentle, but any kind of oats will do.

Mix them up with some yogurt or honey (or both), and you’ve got yourself a totally powerful- but also super gentle, all-natural- moisturizing and exfoliating facial mask.

5. Matcha


Okay, I realize not everyone has matcha lying around in their kitchen, but if you’re like me and you’re completely obsessed with absolutely all things matcha- then yes, yes you do have it “just lying around”.

If so, you’ll be blown away by this matcha yogurt facial mask!

It really is as simple as that: just mix a heaped spoonful of matcha powder with a generous dollop of yogurt (add honey for an extra moisturizing kick) and voila: the ultimate DIY matcha facial mask.

Using common kitchen ingredients in facial masks is an awesome way to save money and use leftovers in a fun, creative way! Plus, natural and homemade products are always the way to go if you want to be sure of what you’re putting on your skin.