9 Amazing Tips for Growing Long & Luxurious Hair


Our hair is one of the most important aspects of our appearance. A beautiful, thick, shiny, luscious, head of hair signifies health and beauty in all cultures. 

For this reason, men and women coming into a Central Ohio hair salon often seek to make their hair as beautiful as possible. Men are lucky enough to be able to keep short haircuts, making maintenance easy. For women, the task of growing long beautiful hair can be quite difficult. There is no magic bullet for long, strong hair, but you can keep some tips in mind to make sure that your hair is long, lush, and beautiful. 

1. Cut Damaged Hair

Always remove hair that is damaged. Hair can become dry, brittle, and damaged over time. Natural elements like humidity and sun can cause hair to become faded. Add on top of this the heat from blow dryers, curlers, hair straighteners, hair products, and hair dyes, and it is almost certain that some parts of the hair on a woman’s head will be damaged. 

Hair that is damaged beyond repair should always be removed to allow fresh, new, and healthy hair to grow in its place. 

2. Minimize Harsh Treatments

Always be nice to your hair. Harsh treatments are not worth the cost to your hair’s health. Perms and bleaching cause quite a shock to your hair, so if long, healthy, and luscious hair is your goal, these treatments need to hit the road. 

3. Spa Treatments for your Hair

Visit a day spa to give your head a spa treatment when washing. Circulation of blood is an important part of hair health. This is why a hair salon can take so much care in shampooing and conditioning hair. Getting that blood flowing to the hair follicles goes a long way in making the hair more lush, shiny, and healthy in the long run. Blood circulation will also help you to stimulate hair growth and get the length of hair you want faster. 

4. Stop Washing Your Hair All of the Time

Skip days between washings. Hair needs a break. Washing the hair every day constantly strips hair of natural oils. This means that hair constantly needs to be moisturized, and these moisturizing products can cause the hair to get clogged over time and slow down growth. 

By skipping some days the hair can breathe, rest, and get the chance to grow properly. If your hair is exceptionally oily, you can use a dry shampoo. 

5. Shampoo your Roots, Condition your Ends

When washing the hair, shampoo should be used on the roots of the hair, not the ends. Conversely, conditioner should be used on the ends of the hair, and not the roots. Conditioners should be applied to the ends to help fix split hairs and should be left on the area for two minutes or more every time. 

6. Rinse with Cold Water

After wetting the hair, make sure to seal the hair follicles with cold water. This will keep the hairs on the head and not in the sink. The longer hair is on the head, the longer the hair can grow. This also makes the hair shinier in the process. 

7. Avoid Harsh Towel Rubbing

Do not rub hair dry with a towel. Patting the hair is a far gentler method of getting the hair dry and ready for styling. Rubbing harshly on hair is the same as rubbing harshly on the skin, but there’s no way for your hair to repair itself. It will damage the hair and cause large amounts of frizz to develop. It will also pull out hairs at the same time, losing length and thickness. 

8. Argan Oil May Work

Argan oil is a way to add back the natural oils that can be lost during washing. Hair requires oil in order to stay shiny, lush, and healthy, and argan oil is an all-natural product that will make sure that the hair stays beautiful even after a wash. 

9. Hair Thinning Supplements

A 2012 scientific study showed that supplements based on shark and mollusk powder promoted significant hair growth in women with temporary hair thinning. However, many supplements on the market won’t do anything but be a placebo, so take exaggerated claims with a grain of salt.