What are the Essence of Wearing a Foundation?

You cannot describe yourself as a lover of makeup if you do not own one or two skin foundations. Foundation just as the name suggests; acts as a base for other products when applying...
Best Tips To Applying Make Up For Your Face Shape

Face Shape 101: Best Tips To Applying Make Up For Your Face Shape

Our different face shapes and features are what contribute to our beauty, but they also mean that we can’t all wear the same make up trends. Most of us have had the experience of...

Best BB Cream In India For Different Skin Types: Our Top 10!

10 Best BB Creams in India For Oily & Dry Skin A blemish/beauty balm or a BB cream is a must have beauty product. Most of the ladies might agree with me on this. A...
10 best matte lipstick shades

10 Best Matte Lipstick Shades For All The Matte Lovers

Best Selling Matte Lipsticks Gone are the days when a glossy lipstick was the only option for lipstick lovers. Today, matte lipsticks are highly loved. I really do not think there is anyone who is...
Best MAC Lipsticks Available

Best MAC Lipsticks Available In India – Our Top 10!

Top 10 MAC Lipsticks Available In India An essential cosmetic product for every girl is definitely a lipstick. In fact, most of us started out with clear lip glosses or stole it secretly from our...

Makeup Essentials You Cannot Miss!

Hello girlies! How do you feel when somebody compliments you when you go with the perfect lipstick on your lips? Or the perfect winged eyeliner? Does it boost your ego? Well, who doesn’t want to...

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