10 Best Long Lasting Perfume For Women


best long lasting perfume

Let’s admit it, ladies! We desire to smell great and mystical every time. Smelling nice is an essential part as it adds a sense of aura around you and leaves a mark. It sparks your overall look and keeps your senses full of life. But not every perfume lasts all through the day. There are perfumes that have a tendency to fade away just after 2-3 hours of application. So, today we are going to pick out top 10 best long lasting perfume that will last whole day. Not only they smell heavenly but also they are easy on the budget. And with that said, we are even going to give you some tips how to keep your perfume last longer in your body so that you create a unique bond with the people around you throughout the day!

Top 10 Long Lasting Perfumes

1. The Body Shop Amazonian Wild Lily Perfume Oil

Price- 850

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This perfume from The Body Shop is all blended with the wild lily, floral and aquatic accords inspired by the rain-kissed cool of the jungle. The price may seem a little expensive but this perfume is worth the price. You just need to apply a drop of it every time you use. It is the best long lasting perfume one can have and since the bottle comes small, it makes the perfume handy to carry.

2. Victoria’s Secret Endless Love Body Mist

Price- 810

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Endless love from Victoria’s Secret is an enticing mix of pomegranate, apple blossom, and peach and ylang-ylang. No matter how long your day is, this body mist will reside on you all day. The perfume has a romantic and refreshing touch to it. It is infused with chamomile and soothing aloe vera which keeps you refreshed every time. Trust us, this perfume will eventually make you fall in love with it!

3. Titan Skin Nude Women’s Perfume

Price- 919

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Not only watches and jewelries but Titan has decided to spread out their business with perfumes. With every luscious blend of lychee, raspberry rose and peach rose, and with a base of sandalwood, firewood, tonka bean, and musk, Nude is a delicate perfume mist that is perfectly ideal for everyday use. And want to know the added notch? It pretty much lasts forever and definitely a worth having in your collection.

4. Playboy Play It Spicy


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This perfume mist’s scent is combined with the fresh smell of oriental with floral notes. The harmony of vanilla, fruits and woody notes make it this unusual and intense. Play it spicy is alluring and tempting fragrance, so that you can captivate your guy on that perfect date night.

5. Oriflame Queen of the Night (best long lasting perfume)

Price- 671

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Okay! Can we just take a moment and fancy over the beautiful bottle that this perfume offers? It looks so endearing to our eyes. This perfume is perfect if you want to crown yourself as the queen. And moreover, it smells pretty amazing.

6. Yardley English Lavender Perfume

Price- 625

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If you are fond of the scent of lavender, this perfume is perfect for you. Its aura is super fresh and summery with a peaceful and quixotic feel. With the innovation of English meadows, this scent is formulated to complement the modern ladies.

7. Nike Trendy

Price- 700

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This fragrance scent from Nike symbolizes the unnerving strength of adventure and youth. It brings a sense of power to a woman and the people surrounding her. All blended with a cooling, refreshing and energizing feel, and this perfume is made for everyday purpose.

8. Jovan Black Musk EDC

Price- 699

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This Black Musk from Jovan has a sporty fragrance yet so feminine, rich and tempting. The precious blend of floral notes with musky notes creates a great use of everyday use.

9. Benetton Lets Love

Price- 895

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Lets Love, is especially made for the modern women who still indulge herself in the feeling of love and is super romantic. This perfume has a beautiful blend of floral-fruity notes, with a composition of bamboo sap, pineapple, and lily of the valley.  It has notes of bamboo and raspberry which make the smell even more irresistible. Definitely worth having it in your vanity!

10. Lee Cooper Originals

Price- 999

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This edition for women Lee Cooper Ladies was formed as floral-oriented-woody to present inspirational designs of the brand. It’s perfect cologne to perk up your mood on a lazy day. It has a mix of fruit, peony, sandalwood and mandarin blossom which all bring together and give a really sweet smell.

How to make your perfume last long?

  • Rub Vaseline on your pulse points

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The petroleum jelly, will embrace the fragrance longer to your skin throughout the day than spraying it directly on your dry skin.

  • Spray right after bathe

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One best way to smell magical all day long is to spray perfume right after you shower. It is because your pores are opened and absorb the scent better by locking it deep into your skin.

  • Always target the warm areas and pulse points

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The warm areas in your body like pulses, neck, behind your knees, below your midriff, calves and ankles will help disperse the smell across your whole body and help the aroma rise throughout the day.

  • Never daub the fragrance on your wrists after spraying

best long lasting perfume

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Rubbing your wrists together will only evaporate your scent faster. So, rubbing is a big mistake as you’ll make the top notes to fade away faster.

So, these were some worth drooling perfumes you’ll find in India. The power of perfumes is essential as it helps you to smell like a dream, giving you the confidence all day.

Which is your favourite pick? Have you tried any of these long lasting perfumes?


  1. i LOVE wearing perfume, i never leave the house without it. i have the amazonian wild lily EDT and its quite nice 🙂 the oriflame bottle is so beautifully designed! i will definitely try out the vaseline tip 😀