Best Summer Festival Scents You Need in 2018


With the onset of the summer season, the festival time begins. Apart from upgrading your apparel, about it is also necessary to give immense importance on the fragrance which you would explore on the occasion. Obviously, the perfumes as per the season are not only good but even provide you with the comforting environment. It is the time to remove all the aromatic and highly scented cold glass perfume bottles. Rather, it is now the time to choose the mild scents of different types of perfumes.

Best Summer Festival Scents

Most probably, summer scents or perfumes are really soft and light. It can be soft oceanic air, floral scents, zesty notes, fresh citrus smell and so on. Now, the selection of an appropriate  perfume is really important and it should be chosen according to the festive season. The highly chemical composed perfumes not only cause skin irritation but also irritate you with the smell. Many people prefer DIY hacks for preparing the perfumes at a home. They mostly use empty perfume bottles to store the prepared liquid.

Various elegant summer festival scents that can be picked as per your style

  • Musical Fests

Musical fests

Summer means enjoying the musical sessions outdoors. Rock and roll edgy smell is available in different perfumes both for men and women. The first day of any festival is quite fun-filled, refreshing and enthusiastic. You really need a boost and some changes of course. It is better to try a different smell with the same rock and roll reveller. The mild citrus scents for men can be a viable option. On the other hand, women can prefer black opium as its type.

  • Hippie Chick Vibes

The summer festivals are all filled with bright and floral presence. In order to enjoy such hippie vibes, floral glass perfume bottles would obviously suit your attire, of course not by looks but by the attractive fragrance. The perfect matching of the hippie fashion is perfumes that are mainly made from the fusion of different flowers like sandalwood, fruits, etc. For men, such a mild scent is obviously not suitable. They can prefer those perfumes which are made with the citrus fruits like mint, lemon, and apple and of course the sole ingredients like cedarwood, beans and so on.

  • Elegantly Cool One

In order to look cool throughout the summer festival, only the best outfit is not enough. There are many other options like makeup, hairstyle and most importantly the perfume fragrance. There are certain perfumes that smell quite cool and soothe your mind and body. For the best candid snaps and a cool looks, it is necessary that you smell quite good. The natural scents are mainly available in this case as that of the scent of rain in the desert. For men, unbuttoned shirts and the cool shorts give refreshing look. Aqua perfumes will be quite suitable for them.

Choosing the right summer scents this summer

Though there are many ways of defining the fragrance yet one may face hurdles while selecting the appropriate one as per their style factor. We have come up with some useful ways which would help you in selecting the right perfume.

  • You should always prefer the light and crisp fragrance. Select those perfumes which match the seasonal vibes and of course are fresh, crisp and light enough.
  • An ideal woman always prefers fresh and fruity fragrance for their summer styling. Fresh floral bursts, candy, fruity are some types that are mostly preferred by most of the women. Floral notes are highly suitable for night styling.
  • Men generally look for citrus and musk scents. Floral tones are often considered by the women and do not suit the style factor of the men.
  • Make sure the perfumes are light in smell but last longer. Low quality or chemical based perfumes last for the hour or so and then produce a very bad odour due to the summer sweat.

If you find it bit difficult to find the suitable fragrance this summer, check out DIY steps of preparing the perfumes and store it in empty perfume bottles. Floral and citrus fragrances are quite common. You can also look for some ocean-inspired perfumes which are not only airy but cool enough as well. These perfumes have few aquatic influences and will suit your breezy outfit. Look for those brands which suit you. Changing brands all the time often causes skin problem if you are unaware of it.