Best Tips to Get Rolling for Your New Abode


Moving is synonymous with stress. There are so many things that need to be taken care of. Make a list of things to do. Not only what to do, but a back up plan if things change. Use these tips to make your move go smoothly.

When the move out date changes

What are your options if the date of the move has changed? Even one day can be a big problem.  Picture this: You’ve bought a house and have a closing date. You’ve given your landlord your move out date. Your landlord rented your place to someone new. The home you’ve purchased won’t be ready in time because of a last minute delay. If it is one day, you may be able to leave everything in the uhaul for one extra day. What happens if it is two weeks, not just one day? This is a very common scenario. Hopefully you have friends or family that will let you stay with them. As for all of your stuff, you may have to temporarily rent a storage space. This is a good option because the terms are very flexible.

Help with the Move

If you have friends and family that are willing to help you move, that is great. There are a few things to consider before accepting their help. First, if one of them is injured, even a small injury, you may be liable. There medical insurance may deny it if the injury is caused by helping you move. Even a twisted ankle can be costly.

Second, if you have valuables, your friends may not be the best choice. During a move, things are bound to be accidently broken. If you have something expensive that is broken by your friends, insurance may not cover it.

It may be best to hire a moving company. The company you choose must have insurance. That is important. If they are insured they will be able to cover an injury or damage. If they are uninsured, you may have to cover that cost.

Make Some Money

When you are packing, you are going to come across many things that you don’t want or need. This is a great time to have a sale. You can make money selling the things that have just been sitting in your closet or garage.

Utilities & Cable

As soon as you have a move-in date, call your utility and cable company. Plan for them to disconnect at the old place and connect at the new place. You will want everything on and running for your first night. Don’t put this off because a company may not be able to schedule you in if you wait too late.

When moving, being prepared is key. It is a very chaotic and stressful time. Sometimes schedules change. Make a plan and prepare backup options too. Weigh the pros and cons of having different people help you with your move.