Can Overuse of These Cosmetics Damage Your Skin?


In a world where everyone is uploading pictures on Instagram with applied filter, cosmetics have become a part of our daily life. There is a constant urge of looking beautiful in every picture. The makeup industry constantly brings out new beauty products.

A little mascara and foundation can instantly light up the face. However, applying it on regular basis will cause damage to the skin. Therefore, today in this article, we are going to mentioned down how overuse of these cosmetics can damage your skin.

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1. Premature Ageing

The usage of the chemicals presents inside the cosmetics can increase the chances of premature ageing. It can also permanently damage the skin. In addition, as time passes by, you may notice wrinkles, patches on the skin and the body.

The makeup may help you out in covering your flaws on the face, but for a long time, it actually becomes the reason for harmful effects.

2. Eye-infections

There is hardly any woman, who does not use the eye makeup. Every woman loves to apply extensively the eyeshadows, liner, and many other cosmetics on the eyes. Your eyes and the skin surrounding by are very sensitive.

Whenever the eye makeup slips into your eyes, it results in irritation and eye infection. In addition, eyeliner and mascara prevent the growth of eyelashes.

3. Hormonal Imbalance

The cosmetics that you use are often absorbed by the skin. It contains several chemicals that are not good for the body. Soon these chemicals enter into the body. It affects the endocrine system and affects adversely.

Triclosan is a chemical that has been often been used in the products and anti-scrub products, deodorants and to keep germfree. Even though it keeps germfree, once it enters the body, then it starts affecting the thyroid gland. This eventually results in the hormonal imbalance.

4. Skin Allergies

Although, most of the cosmetic presents that it is paraben free does not hold true. However, the company uses paraben for the safety of the product. In general, the paraben is the result for causing the skin allergies, blemishes, and blotches on the face or surrounding area.

A second common reason for the outbreak on the skin is the Salicylate. If you have sensitive skin then there will be painful rashes or perhaps hives. Sometimes, the allergic reaction becomes severe.

5. Cancer

The chemical based cosmetics available in the store today contain a lot of toxic ingredients. Mind you, these chemicals are also the reason for causing cancer. However, the cosmetic products claim that there’s no such effect, we would highly recommend you to undergo through the clinical trial. Don’t wait for the time, if you notice any of the changes in the body.

6. Acne

One of the common problems in the entire world that women face is Acne. In addition, it’s the common damage caused by cosmetics to your skin. Your skin needs to breathe and grow. Due to the covering of makeup on the skin, it often ends up clogging up the pores of your skin.

It happens especially when you use the liquids and cream makeup. And this ends up having acne, blackheads, and other things on the skin.

It’s true that makeup enhances the feature of your face. But it should always be in moderation. Also, after applying the makeup always remove it thoroughly and later cleanse it with moisturizer.

In the above-mentioned article, we have jotted down how the overuse of cosmetics damage your skin. Remember, to use it in moderation so that the skin stays healthy and glowing.