Deepika Padukone’s Beauty & Fitness Secrets To Get Inspired – She is Truly a DIVA!


Each and every one of us has beauty and a fitness routine and if you don’t then you should. It is our body and we should do everything we can to keep it fit and fine in every way. We usually fixate our routines according to what suits our body and hence it takes quite a while to fix one. If you are anything like me you are confused most of the times. So what do you do? You look out for inspiration. You try to uncover your role model’s beauty and fitness secrets and adapt them. You might not follow each and every one of them but you go for it anyway. Your role model is usually a person who is known to be a great combo of beauty plus healthy.

One such person who is absolutely perfect to follow is none other than Bollywood’s heartthrob Deepika Padukone. Who wouldn’t want to get to know her beauty and fitness secrets? She is beautiful, has flawless skin, is amazingly fit and has an athletic body. All of this doesn’t come easy, she definitely works very hard for this. Want to know how? Read along to find out Deepika’s secrets for beautiful skin and a healthy body.

deepika padukone beauty secrets and fitness secrets1

Beauty Secrets


She strongly believes in drinking lots of water as it is good for your skin and keeps it hydrated. Her set skincare routine includes cleaning it, toning it and moisturizing it. Her go to makeup products (when not shooting) include just a moisturizer with SPF and a lip balm. She makes sure she removes every bit of makeup before going to sleep (as most of us lazy girls don’t) as keeping your makeup on all night will result in you waking up to bad acne and pimples. She also gets facials once in a while.

Deepika Padukone Beauty Secrets


Being an actress she has to travel a lot which takes a toll on her hair.  The frequent change in climate will result in hair thinning, dryness or oiliness and frizzy hair. She makes sure she massages her scalp with coconut oil at least once a week and it never fails to work its magic on her hair. Why wouldn’t it? Coconut oil stimulates hair growth and is very rich in nutrients and oiling your hair at least once a week is really important. Lets be real no one wants dull lifeless hair, do they?

Deepika Padukone Beauty Secrets


Deepika feels eyebrows are very important. She says they define your face and that is why they need to be in the right shape and thickness. No over thinning and no over drawing is her mantra. Who wants to get their brow game on point? We all do. So let’s just keep them as natural as possible.

deepika beauty and fitness secrets


She keeps her makeup as minimal as possible. Natural beauty is more important to her. Choosing the right foundation is very important for her. She says if you have a great skin then avoid wearing foundation. Her daily makeup routine would include foundation, concealer, mascara, brown eye shadow, eye liner, bronze blush and a nude lip. During most of her events she loves to flaunt a bold lip, especially red color.

deepika padukone makeup secrets

Fitness Secrets


Deepika believes in “Eat healthy, eat correctly, eat often.” She is into sports and proper balanced diet is very important for an athletic body. Her breakfast includes- 2 eggs and low fat milk; lunch- fishes or vegetables; snacks- almonds and filter coffee and dinner usually consists of something very light. She avoids eating rice at night. During the day she eats fresh fruits. Oh, and she absolutely loves South Indian food! Although she does believe in eating healthy but she feels it is okay to cheat once in a while as our body needs a break. She does this with chocolates as they are her all time favorites.


Her stunning, tall, lean, athletic body is not so easy to acquire. Along with proper diet it also needs proper exercise. She says you should exercise daily and make it a part of your lifestyle. Don’t go overboard and make sure you get enough sleep. Her exercise routine includes the following-

  • Yoga – She wakes up at 6 in the morning at does a few asanas. Yoga is very important for general health, mental peace and concentration.
  • Dance – Deepika loves to dance and says it is a very good form of exercise. Her lean body is the result of dancing. It is something you enjoy doing but it is very good for your body too.
  • Walking – Usually after doing yoga she goes out for a walk for about half an hour.
  • Gym – She doesn’t go to the gym daily but whenever she has the time for it. She does weights when at the gym.
  • Pilates – She does pilates daily as it improves her strength and stability. It also maintains the flexibility of her body. She also does stretching exercises daily.

deepika beauty and fitness secrets

So that’s it for Deepika Padukone’s beauty and fitness secrets. Amazing, right? This makes you want to try all that for yourself. It is no joke to maintain your body when you have a jam packed schedule and a lot of hard work goes behind it. All this has resulted in her flawless skin, tall, lean and healthy body. Hope this acts as an inspiration for all you Divas!