5 Different Fashion Styles to Wear a Gold Chain


The gold chain is one elegant piece of jewellery which can give your look a complete makeover. The best part about this simple accessory is its versatility. There is simply no one way of wearing it. The chain is a simple way to add panache to your look without overdoing it. It is also a culturally important symbol, and signifies love and commitment. The chain has a vital role to play in various cultures and thus remains an important piece of jewellery even today.

Here are 5 different fashion styles one can wear a gold chain in:

1. Neck Styles

Neck style gold chain

The neckline of the outfit will determine to a large extent the type of chain you will be wearing. Turtlenecks or jewel neckline tops look bare without chains or necklaces. In order to get the best look, one can opt or chains which are at least 25 to 28 inches long with pendants. Tiny chains should be avoided unless paired with a second chain. The advantage of wearing two chains is that they draw attention to the facial features. These tiny 5 gram gold chain models prevent the chains from becoming tangled with the dress.

2. Layered Chains

Layered chains have become all the rage this season after being endorsed by some of the biggest names in the fashion industry. They best part about these chains is that they can be worn with anything, from casual dresses to formal outfits. There is also no wrong way of wearing one: they can be paired with charms, chokers et cetera.

3. Pairing with Pendants

gold chain with pendant

From the minimalist to the more intricate ones studded in gemstones, pendants are becoming widely popular. They come in various shapes, such as letters of the alphabet, zodiac signs, religious symbols and other designs. Pendants when paired with the chain can be worn on various occasions, be it festivals, weddings, milestones etc.

4. Box Chains

A good alternative to the conventional gold chains is the box gold chain. They are available in various designs, such as single line, double line, triple et cetera. There a variety of combinations available in the box chain itself, made by spacing the gap between one box and the other.

5. Gemstone Chains

Gemstone Chains

A new entrant among the gold chains is the gemstone chain. Through combinations of coloured pearls, these chains are designed to look like necklaces. These chains are usually paired with ethnic outfits.

If nothing, one could consider buying bangles as well. The most obvious choice among the bangles would be the lightweight bangles. The 10 gram gold bangles designs with price can be conveniently checked out on various online jewellery shopping sites. Some of the most trending designs among the bangles are the bead design gold bangles, machine gold bangles and delicate gold bangles.

Fretting over the chain to wear or gift is a dilemma which we have all faced. With these pointers, there is no way you can go wrong.