6 Easy & Unique Diwali Gift Ideas To Gift Your Loved Ones


Easy DIY Gifts For Diwali

First of all, a very happy Diwali to you guys! Diwali is just down the lanes and our excitement is at its peak. We can’t wait to light up our surroundings with pretty diyas and candles and have loads of fun. It is the only festival that is celebrated throughout the country. But with the festival of light comes the hunting for unique gifts that we want to present to our loved ones. But guess what? Sometimes it’s such a hectic task to find the perfect gift. So, today we’re going to give you some easy DIY diwali gift ideas to present your friends and relatives and they are so easy on budget and look really pretty. Don’t believe us? Just have a look to these DIYs.

Best Gift Items For Diwali

1. Dazzling Diya Holder


So you want to save your mom from searching the perfect diya this festival? Don’t worry because we have come to your rescue with these cute handcrafted diya holders that look so cute and elegant. Add a touch of bling to your surroundings this festive season by making these DIY holders or gift to your mom and see the happiness oozing out from her face. 🙂

Things you will need:

  1. Bangles
  2. Strong adhesive gum.

Steps to make:

  • Firstly, arrange your bangles together in short neat stack.
  • Now glue the bangles one after other so that it takes the shape of short cylindrical pipe.
  • Now place the holder around a tea light candle. Make sure you use glass bangles as the plastic ones can melt when heat emanates from candle lights.

2. Delicious sweets cutely wrapped in candy papers


Do you plan to make your little grandparents happy this Diwali? You must be thinking why I called them little no? 😛 Well I don’t know about you guys but my grandparents sure as hell behave like a child. So nothing seems to be better than gifting them these yummy sweets beautifully enfolded with candy wrap papers. Also, this is one of the best gifts for diwali that you can give to children especially!

Things you will need:

  1. Homemade laddoos
  2. Candy papers
  3. Golden ribbons

Steps to make:

  • Take one laddoo at a time and wrap it carefully with the candy paper.
  • Now, cut 6 cm of ribbon with the help of a ruler and close the ends or the wrapper with it by knotting it tightly.

3. Scented Candles


If you want to make an impression on your friends and relatives, you gotta have your hands on these strikingly designed DIY scented candles. Create these candles that smell heavenly and enthrall your loved ones by creating an aromatic vibes this festival. This is one of the most preferred gift items for diwali among people.

Things you will need:

  1. 3-4 jars
  2. Candle wicks
  3. Candle wax
  4. Colorful crayons
  5. Some flower petals (optional)
  6. Glitter (optional)
  7. Essential oil

Steps to make:

  • Firstly, break the crayon color into small pieces. (Choose color as per your preference)
  • Melt it with the help of a double boiler. You can do it by boiling water in a pan and placing another container on the boiling water. The crayons will eventually melt down.
  • Now, clean wash your jars and keep it aside.
  • Scrape some candle wax from a candle and let it melt followed by the same second step.
  • Now mix both melted crayons and candles and pour it into the jar followed by pouring few drops of essential oils.
  • Put 1 or two rose petals or sprinkle some golden colored glitter into the jar.
  • Lastly, place the candle wicks at the center of the jar and voila! Your scented candles are ready! You can even wrap a ribbon around the jar if you want.

4. Seashell Diyas


Do you remember the days when you would end up collecting sea shells whenever you went to a beach? It’s time to use them for gifting purpose this Diwali by turning them into beautiful sea shell candles. Make your friends fell unique and special with this DIY candle.

As much as these beautiful seashell Diyas shall dazzle the season of festivities. You may even place some really cool oil based lamps nearby to give a colorful contrasts. To get ideas and know more about them, visit here.

Things you will need:

  1. 4 tea light candles
  2. Sea shell of different sizes and shapes
  3. A spoon
  4. A blow dryer

Steps to make:

  • Take the candles and separate them from the metal tins.
  • Separate the candle wicks from the candle. Break the candles into really small pieces.
  • Place these pieces on the shells and smash it well with the help of the spoon. Use the back side of spoon for smashing.
  • Put your hairdryer in hottest heat setting and lower air setting. The candle wax will start to melt. Let it melt completely. And if you don’t have a blow dryer, you can melt the wax as we have earlier mentioned by using a double boiler and later pour it into sea shells.
  • Place the candle wicks in the shell. And tadaaa! It’s ready!

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5. Magic Jars


No one can ever seem to hate glass jars especially when it is curated with so much love. They are beautiful, sparkling and holds so much emotions when you gift it your loved and dear ones. Amongst all the diwali gift items, I really like this one! These are a great substitute of those age old traditional diya and candle lights.

Things you will need:

  1. A Mason jar with ring
  2. String of fairy lights and batteries
  3. 10 diameter of burlap
  4. Jute string
  5. Handful of fibre fills
  6. Hot glue

Steps to make:


  • First step is to tape off your fairy light battery pack on to the jar’s lid ring. Make sure the on/off switch faces down the jar so you can reach it easily when you open the top of the jar.
  • Apply hot glue to the ring of the jar. Now Attach the battery box to the base of the jar lid and cover it with burlap after piling it with a small amount of fiberfill.
  • Add a string of jute to accentuate the top of the jar.
  • Put it on dining tables or beautify it with a mini garland, the choice is yours. These magic jars will definitely cast a glow of emotions to your loved ones.

6. Hanging candle holders


Make use of those useless tin cans by making cute hanging candle holders. They are super cute and look even more beautiful when made with love. Gift these to your dear ones this festive season and see their face curve into a bright smile!

Things you will need:

  1. Tin cans
  2. Patterned or textured papers
  3. Glue
  4. Cord
  5. Wooden cloth hanger
  6. Clothespin

Steps to make:

  • Glue the patterned paper to the tin cans. And if you’re using textured paper, make sure to stick pearl or stone motif to the rim of the cans to add more beauty.
  • Now decorate the clothespin with the same patterned or textured paper.
  • Tie the cords around the tin cans and secure the cord with glue.
  • Hang the tin cans under the hanger with clothespin.
  • Place scented candles or any candles inside the can and your diwali gift is ready!

gifts for diwali

So, that’s it guys. I hope you guys try these DIY gifts for diwali and make your loved ones feel happy and special. Once again, Happy Diwali and be safe! 🙂

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