Does Proactiv Really Work? Read Our Review To Find Out


At one point in your life, you have probably heard about Proactiv acne treatment. However, does Proactiv really work and should you purchase it? If you want to find out more, then read our review. It will discuss what Proactiv is, the pros, the cons, ingredients and whether we recommend trying it.

What Is Proactiv?

Proactiv is a brand that has a number of products and kits available for those who want to treat acne and get clearer skin. Some of their products include cleansing bars, mark fading bars and charcoal cleansing brush. One of their most popular product is the one-off kit, which is a 30 day supply that consists of products designed to help people get their acne under control.

Proactiv acne treatment


The Pros

The best thing about Proactiv is that their acne treatment has been around for a very longtime and they have a solid reputation. Many people from around the world have gotten excellent results with Proactiv, which is one of the reasons why they have a good reputation. Proactiv uses various chemical components for different types of skins.

Another good thing about Proactiv is it is simple. It has a three step format that is easy to follow. You simply apply the treatment or product you buy on a daily basis and before you know it, you may notice a reduction in acne.

Perhaps the best thing about Proactiv is it will likely work for you, especially when you consider it has already worked for many others. If you have mild acne, the chances are you’ll see results within a very short period of time. However, severe acne may take a bit of time to go away, which is why you have to use it regularly.

Finally, Proactiv is affordable. You would think they would be expensive, but their products are affordable. The chances are you’ll be impressed with the price.

The Cons

The main con is Proactiv is not 100% guaranteed to work for every single person, but this is usually the case with any acne products. There are cases of acne being so severe that it doesn’t respond to over-the-counter treatments such as Proactiv, which means going to the doctor may be the best option. However, as previously mentioned, there is a good chance Proactiv will work for you. After you use Proactiv for about a month or two, you should get an idea of how well it is working or will continue working.

Also, Proactiv is a subscription based product, so you have to cancel your subscription if you want to stop receiving their products. Some people may not like the idea of subscribing to products, but some people don’t care. The subscription price is affordable, but some people may think the price is too high. Do bear in mind that high quality ingredients are used in Proactiv products, so the price is actually fair.

Those are the cons of Proactiv. As you can see, there are more pros. It’s up to you whether or not Proactiv is worth trying.


Different Proactiv products contain different ingredients, but most of the products contain a combination of salicylic acid and glycolic acid and sulphur. These are all powerful ingredients, which is why Proactiv products are effective. Proactiv products contain high quality ingredients that are designed to get rid of dead skin cells and to control excess oil. These ingredients also do a good job at reducing irritation and redness that is associated with acne.

Should You Try It?

Yes you should try Proactiv, regardless if you have a mild case or severe case of acne. Just make sure you browse their complete product line and choose the acne products you think will work the best for the type of acne you have. Use Proactiv as directed and you should see results. Remember, it doesn’t hurt to try Proactiv because if it works, then you can continue using it and if it doesn’t, then you can move on and find another products to try.

Proactiv is arguably one of the best acne treatments around. Their products are used by many acne sufferers from around the world and there is no shortage of positive reviews about them. If you are sick and tired of having acne and you want to try something that will probably work very well, then look into Proactiv.