Five Ways To Effortlessly Style Your Sarees


Saree has been a traditional Indian attire for centuries. But now sarees are known all over the world. 

India is a diverse country, and hence there are different types of sarees in different cultures. But sarees like Banarasi are popular all over India. Banarasi saree is one of those sarees that has been in trend for years and will always remain.

Saree is the most versatile attire that can be worn as formals, traditional, or party wears. But when it comes to blue colour saree, it can be worn anywhere, 

Let’s see how to style in 5 effective ways.

1. Basic style

basic style

It is the most used to drape a saree. You can wear any type, design, or fabric saree in this style. It will give you a classy look when you wear a blue colour saree in this way. 

Steps to wear saree:

  • Take the end of the saree and tuck it in a petticoat from the right side of the waist to the left side.
  • Bring the drape at the centre and make pleats and tuck it in a petticoat. Pleats must face left.
  • Put the remaining saree (pallu) on your left shoulder after making its pleats.
  • Secure it with safety pins as per your comfort.

You are ready to flaunt your saree anywhere.

2. Bengali saree

bengali Sarees

It depicts the royal and ethnic look of Bengali culture. Typically, a Bengali saree is white with a red border, but you can drape any saree like a Banarasi blue colour saree in this style.

  • Start with draping the saree around the waist.
  • Take the width section, make the pleats and pin it on the left shoulder.
  • Now take the first edge of the pleat and bring it on the right shoulder through the armhole and pin it on the shoulder. You can attach a tassel at that corner of the pleat.

3. Maharashtrian style saree

Maharashtrian style sareeIt is a traditional style of saree draping in Maharashtra. It has a 9 yards saree draped in dhoti style. Follow these steps to style this saree. 

  • Take a 9-yard saree, drape it till the section of lower pleats.
  • Tuck these pleats in the waist from the centre facing the left side.
  • Now put the pleats to the back, take them from the right armhole, and pin them on the left shoulder.
  • Take the lower drape at the centre and tuck the pleats on the front side.

4. Lehenga style

Lehenga styleThis style shows how versatile a saree can be. To give yourself a royal look, take a blue colour saree and style like this.

  • Drape the saree around the waist, making pleats at a distance. Moving from left to right.
  • Now from the front, take the open length and put it on the right shoulder, and secure it with pins open in front.

5. Open pallu style

Open pallu style

It is the most basic and easy way to style any saree. You can style any formal blue colour saree or a shimmer party wear saree in this way:

  • Drape the basic saree as mentioned first.
  • Instead of making pleats on the pallu, pin it in a blouse at one edge and let it fall on your hands.


Saree is not only versatile but comfortable also. You just need to learn how to carry a saree. To be confident in the saree, secure it with safety pins wherever needed.