Girl’s Guide to Fix a Bad Hair Day & How to Avoid One


how to fix a bad hair day

Isn’t having a bad hair day the worst or what? I am sure every girl can relate to this. Your hair is greasy and flat, no hairstyle seems to work for you and it legit seems like each and every thing in your life is falling apart. You cannot deny the fact that you are obsessed with your hair so it lowers your self-esteem when it isn’t on point. Am I right? I know I am! What is even more frustrating? Its when you don’t even have the time to wash it because you are already late for college or work because of all the crying and whining over your hair. For days like this you need tips and tricks to flaunt a bad hair day. Yes I just said that. Flaunt one and say, “In your face bad hair day!”

Well, I am going to tell you how to do so. That’s right, here are a few ways to fix a bad hair day and plus I will also tell you how to avoid one. You can thank me later!:)

How to Fix a Bad Hair Day?

1. Dry Shampoo

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Dry shampoo to the rescue ladies! It is probably the easiest and the quickest fix to a bad hair day. Just apply a little on your scalp, massage and done. It truly transforms a bad hair day. Your savior for the day, eh? The best part about it is that the application process is oh-so-easy and stress free.

2. Change Partition

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So you know that thing where your hair gets greasy and literally sticks to your scalp? Yes it is not so attractive. The answer to this is changing your partition. What it will do is make your hair appear more voluminous and it won’t look flat.

3. Blow Dry

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If your hair looks like you just have gotten up from a 12 hour sleep, the description would be something like this- hair pointing towards every direction possible looking horrendous and those awful split ends showing off. When such a thing happens just blow dry your hair and with a large brush roll the ends inward. This way your hair will look decent and those splits will remain hidden.

4. Hide It

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This one is the favorite method for lazy girls. You just have to hide it. If you are opting for a sporty look go for a cap, for fancy tea parties go for a hat and if it is winter then go for trendy beanies. Just wear one of these on top of your head and you are done. The trick is that the caps and the hats will attract attention and your hair will remain unnoticed.

5. Braid It Up

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Another method is making it look like you have chosen the shiny, flat hair look. You do this by tightly braiding your hair and applying glossy spray on it. This will definitely make it seem like you have done this on purpose and voila! Problem solved.

6. Messy Bun

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Flaunt a messy bun! The messier the better. Messy bun because it is the answer to every thing in life. Messy hairdos look okay even though you are having a bad hair day. Lets be real they are messy hairdos, they don’t need a special hair day to look great.

So, these were few ways to fix a bad hair day. Wouldn’t it be better if there never was a bad hair day to come? Here are a few ways to avoid one:-

How to Avoid a Bad Hair Day?

1. Don’t Shampoo Daily

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Shampooing daily will do nothing but deny your hair of it’s natural oils and make it dry and lifeless after a few days. It will also cause more hair fall. Twice or thrice a week of shampoo should be enough. Make sure you wash your hair with cold water and there is no shampoo left behind.

2. Oiling

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Oil massaging your hair once in a while is very necessary. Choose any oil that suits your liking and gives good results and make sure to apply it at least once a week. Your hair needs nourishment too and oiling it will do that. It will leave your hair soft, silky, healthy and also promote hair growth.

3. Good Food for Good Hair

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For good hair days all year long you need to keep them healthy. One needs to eat healthy food for healthy hair. If you want hair to look healthy, then make sure you include these foods in your diet- salmon, spinach, guava, sweet potato, greek yogurt, eggs, lentils, walnuts and carrots. The vitamins and minerals from these foods is beneficial for your hair.

4. Use Less Heat

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We all know using a lot of heat is bad for your hair but how many of us really implement it? Using excessive heat occasionally will make it dull and lifeless and cause hair fall. So, just step back on this and try to avoid it as much as possible.

5. Trim It

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Isn’t it frustrating when the ends of your hair look completely dead and have splits in them? Occasional trims are the answer. This way you get rid of the dead hair tips and your hair looks far better too!

6. Use Less Dye

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Your natural hair color is the best. Don’t try to change it all the time. Experimenting with hair color is okay sometimes but the more you do it the more you will damage your hair. It will cause hair graying, split ends, dryness, itchiness and hair loss. Do you want all this? I guess not, then lessen the use of dye on your hair.

I hope these tips and tricks were helpful and I am sure if you follow these then you are free from bad hair days forever. Do share your bad hair day experiences and what you did to overcome them in the comments below.