How To Choose The Right Hot Tub For Therapeutic Benefits


Hot tubs can have so many therapeutic benefits, including helping promote better sleep, stress reduction, and pain relief for ailments like sore joints, back pain, and body aches. When you start thinking about buying a hot tub, you need to remember that no two models are the same, and there can be massive differences in them. Some models can offer more in terms of the therapeutic benefits that a hot tub can bring.

There are some features that can be more beneficial for you if you want a hot tub for therapeutic and wellness reasons. You will want to choose a model to meet your needs and has the features that are important to you.

Massage Programs

Massage Programs

Some therapeutic hot tubs will offer a wide range and selection of massage programs that can target specific areas of your body and specific health conditions. It’s important for you to choose the model that will have the right massage programs for your needs and your lifestyle. You may want a model that can alleviate back pain, relieve stress, help promote better sleep, or aid in athletic recovery, so you need to make sure that the hot tub you choose can do what you need it to.  

Athletes, in particular, may want to consider a four-zone hot tub. These hot tubs have four seats, and each seat has a different range of jet, so you can customize your therapeutic massage in every seat. These hot tubs offer more versatility than most models as they can treat many different health issues, and target many different areas of the body.

Jet Location

Jet Location

The jet location is also important when you’re looking for therapeutic features. You need to choose a model with hydrotherapy massage jets that are placed to provide a full body massage and target specific areas, and pressure points.

You can ask your hot tub dealer if you can perform a wet test. A wet test means that they will fill the tub with water, and you can test the jet pressure to see if it’s going to meet your needs.

Wellness Features

A lot of high-quality hot tubs come with a range of wellness features. Some models can come with chromotherapy, a form of light treatment, others come with aromatherapy, which uses scent. These features can help with relaxation, as well as calming, restoring and balancing the mind. You might also want to consider hot tubs for two, which are best if you are spending some time with your loved one.

If you select a model that allows a lot of customization you can make sure that no matter what health issue, or therapeutic treatments you want, even in years to come, your hot tub will be able to meet those needs. A customizable model is also a good idea for families, as each person may have different needs, tastes and preferences.

If you choose a model with a range of massage programs, ideally placed jets, aromatherapy, and chromotherapy, then you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of therapeutic hot tubs, for all your aches and complaints for many years.