How to Combat Systemic Inflammation in Natural Ways


A study by CDC reveals that about 54.4 million adults in the USA have arthritis. Approximately 22.7% adults receive their arthritis diagnosis from their doctors and orthopedics each year. While some of them suffer from osteoarthritis, others suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, gout or even fibromyalgia. These are the various kinds of disorders that cause inflammation of joints and create disruption of regular movements among the adults. Scarily, about 78 million people in the USA will be diagnosed with some form of arthritis by 2040.

Food to take care of your inflammation

Food to take care of your inflammation

There is no cure for arthritis and other inflammatory diseases, but there are ways to reduce the inflammation that can facilitate easier movements. Simply speaking, the best way to control joint swelling is to watch the food you are eating. Eating a lot of fruits, vegetables, organic meat, plant-based proteins, fresh herbs, and spices does away with the components that cause and stimulate inflammatory responses in the body. People who suffer from arthritic pain and swelling often, benefit from having spinach, kale, raspberries, blackberries, cherries, oatmeal, beans, nuts, fish rich in omega-3-fatty acids and lots of warm spices.

Getting Rid of Edema

These kinds of natural anti-inflammatory compounds in organic and natural food also work on organic infections and pain. For example – if you have kidney problems and your ankles are swelling up due to water retention, a special anti-inflammatory diet can help you out. In fact, eating whole grain food, lots of fresh leafy greens, natural herbs, berries and low-sodium food, help in the removal of excess fluids from the system. Getting a leukocyte esterase test often reveals the reason for different kinds of edemas. Most often, a positive whole leukocyte test signifies kidney stones, urinary tract infections, and other kidney infections, that you can somewhat control with a special diet and regular antibiotics.

What Can Exacerbate Your Dehydration?

What Can Exacerbate Your Dehydration

Processed food, high-fat food, and starchy food are causes of dehydration. It can cause toxin build up in the system. More often than not, arthritic patients need a measured amount of fluid and water intake. Consuming too many processed food and sugary treats can cause the water to drain out of the body further worsening the inflammation. Many people tend to blame whole milk, butter, cheese and cream for increased inflammation, but the culprits are the saturated fats that usually aggravate the edema.

The Anti-Inflammatory Cheat Sheet

The Anti-Inflammatory Cheat Sheet

The easiest way to complete your anti-inflammatory nutritive diet is to remember including at least 25 grams of fiber, nine servings of fresh fruit and veggies, omega-3-fatty acid rich foods, fatty fish and wholegrain supplements each day. It is essential that you skip trans fats, saturated fats, preservatives, sugary items and deep fried treats altogether if you want to control your chronic inflammation with the help of a diet.  

You must remember that inflammation is also necessary for us. It signifies a possible infection or a weakness that needs our attention. In addition to special diets and supplements, you need the care of a doctor who can tell you the exact cause and the treatment for the same.