How To Organize Your Jewelry With A Pegboard System


When most people think of a pegboard storage system, they likely picture the garage and a place to hang tools. However, pegboards have also become an extremely popular way to get control over a large amount of jewelry. A simple pegboard can be easily styled or personalized to make a visually attractive and highly functional option for jewelry storage.

Is Your Jewelry a Tangled Mess?

Where do you store your jewelry? In boxes or a small drawer in your bedroom? What happens when you are dressing to go out and running out of time? Do you get stressed when you have to untangle a necklace or search for a missing earring? Wouldn’t a little organization make things easier? Enter the humble pegboard. Turning a pegboard into a place to organize your jewelry is a fun DIY project. But, you say, I’m not a handywoman? Well, maybe you can enlist your husband or your significant other into helping you. They may appreciate the way a pegboard can help you to be ready when they are. For this pegboard project, you will need some basic materials, including:

  • A piece of pegboard. 
  • Wooden boards to frame your pegboard.
  • Paint to color your pegboard. 
  • Wood stain for the frame (or leave it unstained).
  • A nail gun to attach the pegboard to the frame.
  • Pegboard hook kits (including spacers for the wall).

How Do I Put My Pegboard Together?

Here are the steps involved in making your pegboard jewelry organizer. You can also click here to see how to do it.

  1. Cut the pegboard and frame to your desired size. 
  2. Paint the pegboard. 
  3. Stain the frame (do this before attaching it to the pegboard). 
  4. Assemble the frame and attach the pegboard to the back.
  5. Configure your spacers (instructions are included in the hook kit) and attach the pegboard to the wall.
  6. Place hooks in the pegboard holes and voila! hang your jewelry. 

Now, if you’re really ambitious, you can house your jewelry pegboard in its own jewelry cabinet. Click here to see a demo. 

Some Ideas for Your Pegboard

  • Hang some cute mini metal buckets to hold small items. Or why not use soup cans? – You can dress them up to look pretty. Click here to see how to do this.
  • Use chicken wire to hang earrings. You can find a photo of this by clicking on this link and scrolling down.

Are There Different Types of Pegboard?

Pegboards can be made from Masonite, metal, or plastic, and each material is suited to different uses. If you want to hang heavy tools in your garage, metal or plastic is the way to go. Masonite pegboard, made from compressed wood fiber and resin, is the most common type of pegboard. 

Masonite pegboard can be found in most hardware and home improvement stores and is eminently suitable for hanging light objects such as jewelry. You can read about the pros and cons of each type of pegboard by clicking here. So, go out and buy your pegboard and say goodbye forever to that jewelry mess.