How to Use E-Cigarettes and Still Be Into Fitness


Today, there are many people who vape on a daily basis. But this was not the case a few years ago when only a few e-cigarettes were seen around. As the habit is being accepted more and more, even athletes are now using vapes despite the claims that they affect performance.

This said, it is wise to explore all of the effects of e-cigarettes on sports. It will enable us to know whether a person can enjoy a vape and still be active in sports. Read on to learn more.

How E-cigarettes Work?

When you buy a vape device, you will notice that it has several components that work together. The major one is the battery that powers the device. That is why they are called e-cigarettes. Once it is switched on, the coil will heat and burn the e-juice contained in a tank.

People inhale the vapor into the body and then release it into the air. You enjoy it by feeling the taste, throat hit, and the entire experience. Just like normal cigarettes, e-cigarettes have health effects that we are going to see below.

Health Effects of E-Cigarettes

According to several studies, vaping will affect the health of any person including athletes. They deliver harmful toxins to the body although it is claimed that these are less than what is contained in cigarettes. It is not a surprise that they can trigger cancer in the body. Those who vape are more likely to shorten their lifespan compared to those who do not.

On the good side, vaping can be helpful to smokers who want a better alternative. Many athletes who want to enjoy nicotine at controlled levels can visit the ePuffer website to buy their first vaping device.

Effect on Cardio Workouts

The immediate body parts that are affected are those used in cardio workouts. First of all, vaping just before you hit the treadmill or a run in the park will shorten your breath. This is something that athletes do not want to do.

But there is a bright side. Research has shown that athletes who have switched from cigarette smoking to vaping see a drastic improvement within a few weeks. This is on the condition that they give a good allowance of time between when they vaped to the time they engage in active sports.

Some e-juice contains nutritional and health benefits depending on the ingredients. For instance, one with eucalyptus or essential oils will boost the functionality of the body. It is for this reason that athletes should select their vaping kits well.


Too much vaping can be harmful to the body. You should limit the intake to maintain physical activities. From the insights above, you can see that timing is key since you cannot just do it if you have to exercise soon.

And lastly, the ingredients of the e-juice matters. Nicotine-filled e-juices will only lead to a series of health problems and should be avoided by athletes. In this regard, vaping as an athlete has many conditions, but it is possible if you are ready to follow the above insights.