Inspirational Personalities Who Made Us Proud: The Secret Behind Their Exceptional Fitness!


Fitness and Diet Secrets

So you obviously must have heard about three great Indian women who have made all Indians proud with their excellent performances in the Rio Olympics 2016. Yes, these three ladies are- P.V. Sindhu, Sakshi Malik and Dipa Karmakar. Any number of compliments aren’t up to par with their performance, hard work and determination. They are such an inspiration to all the girls out there who want to flourish in sports and why wouldn’t they be? It has taken them a lot of practice, exercise, training, sacrifices and what not. One simply does not master a sport in a day. It certainly isn’t a child’s play and you need to be very determined. Apart from this another very important factor is exercise and diet. Let us take a look at how these ladies have trained themselves in terms of exercise and diet which has played a very crucial role in where they stand today.

P.V. Sindhu

Pusarla Venkata Sindhu is a badminton player who won a Silver Medal in the Olympics this year. And that is not all, she is the first woman to win an Olympic silver in Badminton. This 21 year old was born in Hyderabad and although her parents were volleyball players she chose Badminton and has been playing it since the age of 8.

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Fitness Routine

Sindhu is at an advantage because of her height. She stands tall at 5 feet 10 ½ inches. For a badminton player, being flexible, being quick and having a great stamina is very important. Also, you need to have a great presence of mind and learn to anticipate your opponent’s move.

  • So it all starts at 3:30 am which is her wake up time. She reaches the academy by 4 am.
  • At precisely 4:15 am her first session begins which goes on till 6:30 am.
  • Second session begins almost immediately from 7 am to 8:30 am followed by the next one from 11 am to 1 pm.
  • Then there is a 3 pm to 4 pm session which comprises of weight training.
  • From 5 pm onwards is gym/running time.
  • She does 100 push-ups and 200 sit-ups everyday.
  • Sundays are for relaxing and some family time.

Also, she does not have a mobile phone (one great sacrifice).

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  • Junk food is a big NO for Sindhu.
  • Daily diet consists of eggs, milk, chicken, vegetables and juices.
  • For breakfast, she has eggs and milk and for lunch a complete non-veg meal.

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Sakshi Malik

She won the Bronze medal in women’s wrestling in the 58kg freestyle category, the first medal for India in the Rio Olympics 2016. This 23 year old from Haryana is from a patriarchal society because of which she faced a lot of criticism for choosing a ‘men’s sport’. But that certainly didn’t stop her. She has been training since the age of 12 and her inspiration to take up wrestling was from her wrestler grandfather.

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Fitness Routine

A wrestler, obviously needs to very strong so as to be able to lift his/her opponent. A wrestler also needs to be good at defense so that the opponent does not overpower them. For this stamina, muscle strength is crucial.

  • She does 500 sit-ups daily.
  • A good sleep and quiet time was very important for her.
  • She worked really hard on her muscle strength and speed.

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  • She mainly consumed a carb free and liquid diet.
  • Non-veg is a very important part of her diet.
  • It also includes milk, almonds, lime, vegetables, raisins, soybean, pulses, fruits, sprouted food.

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Dipa Karmakar

Although she did not win an Olympic medal but that hasn’t stopped us from being ever so proud of her. This 23 year old from Agartala is the first Indian female gymnast to compete in the Olympics. What’s more? She stood fourth in the Women’s Vault Gymnastics, just a few points away from a medal. But it is alright because no Indian women has ever reached till where she is. Every one was left awestruck as she performed the Produnova vault (also known as death vault), one of the most difficult vaults in gymnastics. She began training at the age of 6.

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Fitness Routine

  • Dipa follows a strict schedule. A gymnast has to be very precise, flexible and strong.
  • For this, she practices her splits.
  • She also practices her moves on a pole.
  • She also works out on parallel bars.
  • She gets up at 7 am, has her breakfast and is off to practice.
  • Her practice begins at 8:30 am and ends at 12 pm.
  • After some rest, the next session begins at 4:30 pm and continues till 8:30 pm.
  • Sleep is a very important to recover from all the rigorous exercise.

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  • Sweets are a big NO.
  • She says her favorites are chicken and fish.
  • Eggs, dalia, vegetables, chana and milk are also a part of her diet.
  • She keeps herself hydrated throughout the day.

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Now you know, it is not easy at all. These women are an idol to so many girls, I am sure. Strict diet, proper exercise, proper sleep is a very important part of their training. What it takes is strong will power and determination. Yes you do have to give up on many things, like hanging out with friends, leisurely spending time on your phone and watching television for long hours, sweets and all other junk food but in the end it is worth it. These three have spent their teenage years working hard, practicing hard. If they can do it, you can to. If you are really interested in being a sports women, go for it. No one can stop you.


  1. I am sooo amazed by these nice lovely ladies! The first to compete in gym, one choosing a “men’s sport”, all dedicated and making sacrifices, but making their families, friends and country proud!Loved your post! Now I liked your facebook page! Hope you have a nice week!