Laser Hair Removal vs IPL Hair Removal – Which One Is Better?


Most of us girls want to get rid of the unwanted body hair and to have longer results, we land up to laser and IPL hair removal procedure. Both the procedures are very effective in preventing or maybe permanently regrowth of hair. But you know, here’s the thing-we get confused and take forever to decide as to which one to opt for? But we got your back! I am gonna break down all the points so that you girls can decide which option to trash in dustbin and go for the one you feel best suited for your likes.

So What Is It?

Laser Hair Removal vs IPL Hair Removal

Both, IPL and Laser hair removal are procedures to prevent hair growth for a long period. Both works in similar ways i.e they both use light energy to get absorbed by areas of high pigments thus damaging the follicle and preventing hair growth; except the light source used. The major difference between IPL and laser hair removal devices is that IPL uses a source of broad spectrum visible light whereas laser procedure utilizes the properties of a laser.

How Does It Work?

The use of broad spectrum light IPL procedure is controlled to designed specifically to to target melanin pigments of the hair. The light energy is absorbed which then helps in warm the hair and damage its follicle. Whereas, in laser procedure it’s focused more into a small area of skin and go deep down into the pores without spreading out, giving a concentrated blast the follicle.

What Are The Benefits?

Laser vs IPL

Both the procedures have pros and a con or two. Treatment times required in IPL procedure is quicker since it uses broad spectrum light; whereas laser treatment is more specific with its job.

Laser focus light down to the pores to prevent hair regrowth by getting closer to follicle and ultimately damage it for good. Also laser is more suitable for people with dark skin tone, whereas IPL is most suited for those having paler skin.It is because dark skin absorbs more light due to the melanin pigment. Since laser is more focused in treating small areas, the risk of burnt skin is highly reduced in laser procedure.

However, there are some IPL procedures which can alter its hair removal process for different skin. If you’re tight on budget and and want quicker results, IPL is best suited for you. But if you want more precise results and have medium to dark skin tone, Laser is the one for you!

Do Both The Procedures Have Side Effect?

After having the treatment done you may experience some sort of skin irritation in the form of redness, swelling, itchiness or sensitivity to sunlight. But that’s not short lived and can be prevented by keeping your skin hydrated and it’s important for you to apply sun protection instructed by the specialised professionals as and when required. It’s also advised to keep the urge to scratch your skin at bay and keep your skin clean to prevent any infections.

And remember you may need to go for one session or two every few months, if instructed; as a result you’re likely to see a huge difference in reduction of hair growth.

Can The Procedures Be Done At Home?

laser hair removal at home

Over time, IPL and Laser hair removal treatment have become popular as they can be easily done at home. For someone, who is super busy, can always go for home based treatment. There are kits available in the market, specially designed for IPL/Laser hair removal, which uses the same technology as the doctors use but safe to use without any certified training or practice. You can read more about best laser hair removal devices here. The results you’ll get by using these kits are absolutely at par when you do the procedure under a doctor.

Which One Should You Go For?

Answer of this question varies from person to person. You need to go for any of these based on your skin tone and your body hair type.

If you’re looking out for an affordable option, we would always suggest you to go for IPL hair removal treatment as this one is much more affordable than laser treatment but may require regular treatment depending on the rate of your hair growth. IPL targets larger area at one while treating your hair. But if your hair is on the whiter sides, neither of them can show a great result. However, both the treatments are amazing. It all comes to your preferences with which one you’re more comfortable with.

So that was it. We hope it could help you guys to come out of the dilemma of which treatment you need to go for. We hope you we were able to clear some of your doubts. Please let us know your views in the comment section below.