Makeup Essentials You Cannot Miss!


Hello girlies!

How do you feel when somebody compliments you when you go with the perfect lipstick on your lips? Or the perfect winged eyeliner? Does it boost your ego? Well, who doesn’t want to look beautiful and confident? I guess no one! Everyone is beautiful in themselves and it’s just a matter of highlighting your natural beauty and feeling confident about it. When you groom yourself, you groom your confidence and in turn happiness. I’m not telling you guys to put loads of makeup on your face (since there are just too many products if I list them) but a little bit can do wonders to your appearance and cannot be ignored even if you try hard.

Once in a lifetime, we all hunt through beauty websites to find out the best beauty products for ourselves. Only after I became 18 I began gazing at the girls of my age just to see the luminosity of their faces and wonder what would be the secrets of their beauty.

It’s true that beauty isn’t about having just a pretty face but if you look good, you feel good and you do good. So I have collected a list of beauty products that are surely must haves in your kitty. (It helped me too!)


1)    Moisturizer with SPF

This is a one hundred percent must have product in your bag. You can’t even imagine your day without a moisturizer! Yes, you need a killer SPF also to make sure your skin is protected from the sun even if it’s shining or not. It is definitely required to combat with the dryness and flakiness of the skin. And most of all you get moisture and protection at the same time.

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2)     Face Primer

Many of us usually skip this step as we think we don’t really need it or are unsure of how to use it. People often fear of using too many products on their pretty face. But let me tell you primer is a life-saver for getting your makeup stay smooth for long hours. They are really light in weight and easy to apply. And most importantly they give such an alluring appearance that once you get used to it it’s hard to go without it.

3)    Exfoliating Scrub

Each one of us desires for a smooth skin and so do I. There are dead skin cells that gradually develop on our skin hiding the shining and smooth skin beneath. These dead skin cells pile on our face and make our skin look dull, rough and dry. To overcome this you need to exfoliate your skin but not more than twice a week. I usually do once a week since I have sensitive skin. Make sure you are using a gentle exfoliating scrub (and yes be very gentle while doing the process), especially for the ones suffering from acne since harsh exfoliation can worsen your acne.

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4)    The Perfect Foundation Shade

This is the foremost thing in your makeup collection as it acts as a base for every makeup application. It helps in hiding blemishes and even out your complexion. You always need to choose the right foundation shade for your skin otherwise you’ll end up looking a clown. For those who are not a very big fan of foundations, BB creams are the best bet. They provide light coverage giving all the benefits of a serum, moisturizer, primer, foundation and sunblock in one product!

5)    Concealer

Most of the people suffer from dark circles which look really bad if not taken care of. Of course, you can hide them with a good concealer which not only helps to hide dark circles but also reduces any discoloration(underneath the eyes or around the nose) and other blemishes like redness caused due to acne. You need to choose the type of concealer suitable for your skin.

Tip : For dry skin avoid using a liquid concealer, instead use a stick or cream concealer as it will provide some moisture to your dry skin. For oily or combination skin people, liquid concealer is the best choice and it goes with almost all skin types except very dry skin (yes it does work on sensitive skin also). Remember, concealer is not an alternative to foundation but works best when used together.

6)    Face Powder

Well once you go through the foundation step it’s necessary that you give your skin a finished look. This is being well accomplished by the face powder that truly matches your skin tone. Face powder is mainly used to set the foundation evenly on your face giving your face a more flawless and polished look. It also acts as a wonderful base upon which you can go further with your blush or bronzer. Moreover, it adds an extra highlight to your face thereby making it an essential must have in your makeup kitty.

Tip : For oily skin, apply a layer of loose powder first before applying foundation and then apply a light layer, as it helps in absorbing excess oil. And for normal to dry skin people, you can just put a light dusting of powder on your face. And it always works.

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7)    Eyeliner

Eyes reveal a lot about you! Yes, people will stare so why not make it worth their while. There’s no one who wouldn’t wish to stand out and not get noticed. You always want to look presentable in public and your eyes need an equal attention too! Eyeliner can make your eyes look different and noticeable. They come in three different types, i.e. pencil, gel and liquid. Pencil ones are generally easy to apply, gel ones give a matte finish whereas liquid eyeliners give a more smooth and thick finishing. Eyeliner is every girl’s favourite thing so just put it in your kitty without giving a second chance.


8)    Eyeshadow Palette

Well, it is quite obvious why do you need it. Be it a party, a wedding or some celebration you cannot miss eyeshadow! Using the correct shades that complements your eye color can draw attention to your eyes and make them look even more attractive. If you’re wearing for the daytime, use soft and nude colors. Light shades with a matte finish will give a more natural look to your face. Whereas, go for darker shades and shimmery finish in the evening to make it more dramatic. You can apply with a brush (the best way!) or using fingers.

Tip : Do not forget to use primer before shading your eyes to avoid any creases afterwards.

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9)     Mascara

Every girl has a love for long, luscious lashes and she isn’t complete without her lashes. And a little oomph to your everyday look is completely alright. Mascara comes in three different types i.e. powder, cream and liquid. Use lengthening mascara for short eyelashes and volumizing mascara for thin eyelashes which would give thickness and fullness to your lashes. And those looking for more curl or an extra lift, curling mascara is best for you.

Tip : Switch to waterproof mascara especially in summers and monsoon as they are more long lasting and don’t get smudged easily. (4)

10)    Lipgloss/Lipstick

So here we come to the most vital thing in your kitty. Well, this one is my favourite, it’s the lipgloss or lipstick (whichever you find more suitable) without which your look is slightly incomplete. At least one bright lipstick is a must to have as you can wear it on occasions or regularly. It gives me immense happiness when I find the perfect shade for my lips.

Choose the shades according to your skin tone, olive skin tones (neutral ones) can go for pink, nude, coral, peach or red shades. Fair skin tones can go with any brighter colors especially bold reds and deep colors can look fantastic on you. And for a deeper complexion try for deep plums, berries and red.

Tip : For lipsticks go for darker shades and a matte finish to make your lips look thinner while choose lighter and shimmery shades to add fullness to your lips.

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11)    Blushy blush

We all love rosy cheeks since it amplifies our beauty and we cannot resist ourselves from keeping it away! A blusher simply highlights your cheek bones giving you a healthier glow. Any shade of pink or peach is an all-time favourite for lighter skin tones, they look amazingly beautiful on fair skin tones while cool berries and plum shades will go best on deeper skin tones. For medium skin tone, apricot, mauve and soft berries (medium pink) will flatter the most. Fair skin tone can also go for sheer plum as it gives a more dramatic evening look.


12)    Makeup Brushes

A good makeup application is just incomplete without appropriate tools. Makeup brushes are pretty much essential for getting on your makeup correctly. Investing in the right makeup brushes will give you a flawless makeup look. You would need a foundation brush especially when you’re going for a liquid one as it blends correctly into the skin, soft and round powder brush for an even and natural look, a flat eye shadow brush, lip brush, eyebrow brush to groom your brows, a large airy blush brush and a soft bristled pointed brush to apply concealer under your eyes. Don’t forget cleaning and drying your brushes after every application from keeping them germ and bacteria free.

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13)    Blotting Sheets

You might be thinking you don’t need this in your essentials (even I thought so) but they are amazing in controlling excess oil from your face. Once you are done with the complete makeup you often see some excess oil on your face. Using blotting paper not only helps in absorbing excess oil but also help your makeup stay fresh all day long. Pat your face with blotting paper once you’re done with the creamy application (foundation, concealer, blush, etc.) to absorb excess oil that results from the products you use. No matter if your skin is oily or not it is a must have in your kitty as it controls oil which in turn will prevent acne. So why to take a chance? Just go and get it!

And so, these are some of the essential items that you cannot afford to miss. There are more items that can be included and the list might go too long! Regardless of your skin tone, just play around with them and decide what looks best on you and makes you happy!