15 Quick Ab Workout Exercises To Incorporate In Your Daily Routine


quick ab workout exercises

Who does not want a flat, sexy, well-defined belly? Everyone does! It is certainly not an overnight phenomenon, we all know it. Abs are something everyone wants but don’t know exactly how. The first thing that comes to our mind is crunches but that is not all that it takes. There are many other exercises much more effective than crunches. With a well proportioned diet and just the right exercises, one can achieve abs and lose belly fat. Want to know how? Read along to find out these quick ab workout exercises. Do them regularly and you shall definitely get the desired results.

The Ultimate Workout For Abs

1. Kettlebell Twist

Kettlebell Twist - abs workoutImage Source

All you need is a kettlebell. Sit on the floor with your knees touched and bent. Hold the kettlebell with your elbows bent and then lift your feet, thus balancing your whole body on your tailbone. Twist to one side (twist your torso and not you’re your arms) without placing your feet on the ground, touch the kettlebell for just a second and then immediately twist to the other side.

2. The Hundred

Hundred abs workoutImage Source

Firstly, sit straight on a mat. Bend your knees and bring them close to your chest and place your hands by your side. Then lie down in the same position. Slowly raise your shoulders and your head; do this while exhaling and then pump your hands as far as possible with your fingertips pointing out. Remember, your lower back shouldn’t be raised.

3. Dumbbell Pushup Row

Dumbbell Pushup Row- exercises for absImage Source

Place two dumbbells on the floor. Grab their handles in such way that it places your body in a pushup position. Lower your body and then get back into the starting position. Now pull one dumbbell towards your chest and then repeat the process with one hand. Change sides and repeat. Be careful as to not bend your knees.

4. Medicine Ball Sit-Up

Medicine Ball Sit-Up- workout for absImage Source

Lie down on a mat with knees slightly bent and the medicine ball close to your chest. Now sit right up into a seated position (without moving your lower body) and fully extend the medicine ball outwards. Repeat the process.

5. Plank Circle

Plank-Circle- abs workoutImage Source

Get into a plank or push up position (heels, hips and head in a line). Then simply walk your legs in a circular motion without moving your hands. After completing one circle repeat the same but this time walking your legs in the opposite direction. Make sure your legs are unbent and your back straight throughout the workout.

6. Opposite Arm and Leg Raise

opposite arm and leg raise- exercises for absImage Source

Firstly, get down on all fours. Then lift up one hand to shoulder height and the opposite leg to hip height. Hold for a while. Now get back into the initial position and repeat the process but this time lift the opposite hand and leg.

7. Dumbbell Curl Squat

Dumbbell Curl Squat- abs exercisesImage Source

Stand straight with a pair of dumbbells in both hands. Slowly bend your elbows and bring the dumbbells close to your chest. Simultaneously, squat down until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Hold and then stand back up and raise your hands over your head. Repeat the process.

8. Suspended Plank with Knee Tuck

Suspended Plank with Knee Tuck- abs workoutImage Source

For this you need a knee tuck. Get on all fours and then place your feet in the loops of the extended straps of the knee tuck. Then slowly extend out your body such that it is in a plank or push up position. Now bring your knees close to chest and then return to the plank position. Repeat this process slowly but steadily.

9. Kettlebell Windmill

Kettlebell Windmill- abs exercises

Image Source

Stand straight with shoulder-width distance between your feet and the kettlebell in one hand. Place your right foot out and raise your hand with the kettlebell high. Now, slowly bend down towards your right (while looking up at the kettlebell) and bend as low as you can and touch your fingertips on the ground. Do this on both sides. Make sure while doing it your head should be upwards and your hand as well as your knees should not bend at all.

10. The Prone Plank

The Prone Plank- abs workoutImage Source

Now this is quite simple. Get down on a pushup position and contract your abs and try to hold this position for as long as possible. If you are down for it try the same with one hand.

11. Cross Behind Lunges

Cross Behind Lunges- abs workoutImage Source

This, again, has a very simple procedure. Stand straight and hold a pair of dumbbells in both hands. Now place one foot in front of the other one such that they cross on another. Now slowly go down till your front knee makes an angle of 90 degrees. Hold that position and then get back up. Now repeat with the other leg.

12. Cycle Crunch

Cycle Crunch- abs workoutImage Source

Lie down flat on a mat with your hands behind your head. Now lift up your thighs and bend your knees at 90 degrees. Now bring your left knee to meet your right elbow and then your right knee to meet your left elbow. Your lower back should be pressed down and while swapping you should move your torso.

13. Rope Climb Crunch

Rope Climb Crunch- exercises for absImage Source

Lie down flat on your back and imagine that rope is hanging down from the ceiling perpendicular to your chest. Now extend your hands so as to grab the rope and climb up your way (twist your torso from side to side). Your shoulders and head should not touch the ground.

14. Resistance Band Bent-Over Row

Resistance Band Bent-Over Row- workout for absImage Source

Place both your feet on the resistance band while holding it in both hands. Now, bend your upper torso until it is parallel to the ground. In this position your torso and knees are bent. Now pull up the band and bring them to your abs. Hold this position for a while, return to normal and then repeat the procedure.

15. Barbell Hip Raise

Barbell Hip Raise- abs workoutImage Source

Sit on the floor with your body against a bench and your knees bent. Hold a barbell and put it across your hips. Now you need to raise your hips until your upper torso and your hips are in one line. Hold for a while and then return to the initial position and repeat.

So, these are 15 highly effective exercises for an abs workout. Plan a workout routine around these exercises according to your convenience and make sure you do those exercises regularly. Follow these carefully and see the results for yourself. I am sure you will not be disappointed.


  1. Great post, who doesn’t want some good belly exercises. My personal favourite is the plank (and the plank circle) and I also like doing squats and add weights. xx