6 Amazing Skin Care Tips For a Healthier Looking Skin

My skin is a telltale marker of how good I feel from inside. Obviously, I do run into nerve-racking moods at times. And my skin starts looking dull and dreary. Not a coincidence, I’m afraid. I realized, my complexion needs a little boost. I tried these 6 simple beauty tips for my face. And I got the happiest and brightest face ever.

1. Get enough sleep for yourself

a appropriate sleep is neccesaryI grasped that the key to not looking tired. It’s all about not being tired in the first place. We all know, it’s easier said than done. I made sure to get in at least seven to eight hours of sound sleep a day for my skin. I did whatever I could to bring it off. Well, I also do remember those irritating under eye bags and dark circles. With enough sleep, my eyes started to look visibly better. Trust me. Sleep provides amazing results that no other skin care products can mimic.

2. Snack on some citrus fruits

citrus fruits

Citrus fruits like lemons or oranges support your liver and kidneys to a great extent. Like me, anyone can make out that healthy organs give rise to healthy, young-looking skin. So, I thought to offer myself a little detox. I used to have plenty of fruits enriched with vitamin C at breakfast. My age-related giveaways like wrinkles, dark spots on my skin showed clear signs of waning.

3. Regularly massage your skin with a moisturizer


When I say massage, I really mean it. Don’t dab a face cream on your skin and leave it at that. It’s vital to use gentle pressure and rub your skin down in circular movements. I put this method into practice even when I used to cleanse my skin with a face wash. This simple hack kicks off blood circulation on your skin into high gear. My skin started raring to go.

4. Protect your skin with a sunscreen base


Can sunburn really in any way be good? I figured out that my skin needs exclusive protection from harmful UV rays. There are many cosmetic products available in the market with SPF 15/ SPF 30 that impart complete sunblock. Since I need to spend good time in strong sunlight, I started using a skin nourishing and brightening sunscreen lotion filled with SPF 30 UVA every day. The product helped me regain the lost moisture and ward off the sunburn and wrinkles. My skin became softer and brighter. I gained a noticeably fairer complexion.

5. Keep your skin well hydrated

keep your skin hydrated

Drink at least seven to eight glasses of water every day. I found it all-important for my skin. You must keep in mind that hydration begins from the inside out. In case you hate plain water, guzzle coconut water, say two glasses per day. It’s naturally sweet and chock-a-block with skin rejuvenating nutrients. Listen to me and see the difference it makes.

6. Fondness for mists


Right now, they’re all the rage in the beauty world. And with good reason, of course! I usually prefer spraying ultra-soothing rosewater all over my face. I used to do this at regular intervals all through the day. I still do. The subtle droplets feel great on my skin. They keep my skin perfectly moisturized without spoiling my makeup.