Spiritual and Sexual Health: How Both Are Connected


Spirituality and sexuality are symbiotic. The threads that they share are compelling, which make them intimately connected with each other. It’s essential after all to have an in-depth understanding of how sex can impact one’s spiritual values. By knowing the connection between spiritual and sexual health, you’ll be able understand that sex is not only a physical act as it’s something important for one’s growth.

The Connection between Spiritual and Sexual Health

In most cases, defining exactly how spirituality and sexuality are linked to each other can be difficult as the relationship is very complex. In fact, we have been living in a culture where both are often separated. But, it is only through learning that we get to understand entirely how these two concepts affect a person’s well-being. Here’s how spiritual and sexual health are connected:

  1. Sexuality is not simply about lust

Spiritual and Sexual Health

Sexuality plays a vital role in one’s life. It’s not just about practicing safe sex. As a fundamental part of one’s health, sexuality is also sacred.

  • Keep in mind that to understand sexuality, it’s more than the act itself. Exploring it, for instance, doesn’t mean having sex with many people. The real meaning of sexuality is about accepting one’s preferences and how it can affect your way of dealing with others.
  • In sexuality alone, an intimate relationship is quite impossible. To make it work, you must have to channel it in a way that it will not turn into lust.
  1. Spirituality and sexuality when brought together, produces intimacy

Intimacy can only be attained if both bodies and souls are deeply connected with each other. Remember that affection can help a relationship become stronger.

  • Establishing intimacy can be achieved when you spend quality time with your partner and enjoy things together. By doing so, your spiritual and sexual values will strengthen the closeness you have for each other.
  • Take note that sexuality doesn’t only focus on doing sexual acts. For a relationship to last, both spirituality and sexuality are needed. When your relationship is founded with intimacy, there is true love.
  1. Spirituality and sexuality guide you towards attaining real happiness in life

Being in an intimate relationship with your partner can help you carve your path in life. It allows you to plan a life in a way that makes you happy and contented.

  • Finding one’s self may be quite challenging, especially if you don’t know why and for whom you’re living for. In other words, you’ll never become the person you should be if you haven’t found someone who can share with you the feeling of oneness.
  • Keep in mind that sexuality alone will not give you true happiness. For you and your partner to intimately bond, both of you should be spiritually and sexually connected so that you’ll know the true meaning of love and commitment.
  1. The way you embrace spirituality can give you an in-depth understanding of what sexuality is all about

When we’re talking about sexuality, it’s not only about being one in the flesh at all times. It requires a deeper appreciation of yourself and the other person you’re sharing your life with.

Connection between Spiritual and Sexual Health

  • True essence sexuality means loving yourself more than anything else. For example, you can’t be able to love someone and know the real meaning of sexuality if you don’t love yourself first.
  • However, taking the first step to understand sexuality in the context of spirituality may mean the following:

a) Learning to love yourself first

b) Looking for things that make you happy

c) Being true to yourself

d) Finding out your calling in life

e) Believing in yourself whatever you do.

  • Take note that making the most out of your spiritual journey will eventually let you see the true value of sexuality.
  1. Feeling whole can be experienced when both spirituality and sexuality are involved

Having an intimate relationship with someone doesn’t only bring joy to your life. It also allows you to feel much better about yourself.

  • The more you connect your sexuality to your spiritual values, the more you’ll be able to appreciate the things around you, and the more you’ll be contented in life.
  • In other words, positive and better things will come along your way if you’re both spiritually and sexually healthy. These good things include:

a) You’ll be more interested of developing the better version of yourself rather than thinking of material things.

b) You’ll be more concerned about the community and the welfare of others.

c) You’ll become more sensitive to the needs of others.

In reality, your growth as a person is not only based on how you perceive yourself spiritual, but it also has something to do with how we work with our sexual values. Knowing the connection between spiritual and sexual health is perhaps the best way of finding more reasons to be happy and be a better partner in a relationship. With your learning of how spirituality and sexuality are related with each other, you’ll be able to turn your sex life into a more purposeful and satisfying one in the long run.

Your spiritual and sexual health is connected in more ways than one – and one way of taking care of your spiritual health is by taking care of your sexual health as well. And you can start by knowing what are the signs of STD by clicking here.