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How to Choose the Best Facial Moisturizer For Yourself

Moisturizers are some of the most basic skin care products so it is a good idea to get a product that is completely suited for your skin. This can only happen if you understand what your skin needs. In this article, we provide a detailed guide on moisturizers so you know how to pick...

Ellanse Guide – The Next Generation of Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers have come a long way. In their earliest incarnations, fillers were used to shore up sagging skin and reduce wrinkles by standing in for the collagen we all lose with age. These days, new filters are available that provide the same benefits, along with actively stimulating the production of new collagen. Some...

6 Amazing Skin Care Tips For a Healthier Looking Skin

My skin is a telltale marker of how good I feel from inside. Obviously, I do run into nerve-racking moods at times. And my skin starts looking dull and dreary. Not a coincidence, I’m afraid. I realized, my complexion needs a little boost. I tried these 6 simple beauty tips for my face. And I...

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