This Year’s Hottest Gift? Shapewear!


If your favorite person’s birthday is coming up and you don’t want to shop for them, go for a body shaper! Body shapers will not only enhance your natural figure but also hide your insecurities. The main objective of bodysuit shapers is to smooth out the silhouette and make you look your best!

Shapewear is considered to be the best gift for all women out there! These are now available in all colors, shapes, cuts, and sizes, so whether you are shopping for a birthday present or wedding gift, body shapers have got you covered. 

But with so many shapewear styles to choose from, it may get difficult to know which one will best fit your close ones. That’s why we listed down the top 5 top-rated shapewear products from a full body shaper to shape thongs which every woman is going to love!

Classic Control Thong For Women who have everything 

If you are looking for something more than your regular lingerie, these control thongs will make the best gift! Some panties create unflattering lines or bulges that often ruin the look of your outfit. However, the Classic Shaping Panties feature a light compression and seamless design that will stay unnoticed under bottoms.  

The light yet supportive compression makes this thong a perfect gift for everyday wear. This is the perfect starter to build a shapewear collection.

Extra Firm Control  Shaper for Women who Loves Fitted Dresses 

This shapewear has great compression yet the stay-in-place privileges of a bodysuit. You can pair this bodysuit with your own bra and experience a smooth base for all your outfits. 

Opt for one with panels to offer great support in the midsection. This will contour your tummy bulge within seconds. Moreover, you must go for a bodysuit that comes with a bottom closure as this will serve as a lifesaver in case you need to go to the bathroom.

OnCore High-Waist Shorts For Fashionistas 

These shorts are incredibly lightweight and perfect for daily wear. They will smooth and sculpt your thighs and waist area without feeling too restrictive. 

You can think of these shorts as a layering bottom that will go with all kinds of dresses, pants, or skirts. Moreover, these are super affordable and comfortable, so you can buy more than one pair as a gift.

Sculpting Bodysuit For Women Who Likes to Flaunt their Curves

A sculpting bodysuit will work great in the case of women who are looking for a shaper shorts.  into You can work this to your workplace, parties, or events without feeling the slightest discomfort. 

These shaper shorts will lift your butt while shaping the upper thighs and core. Moreover, this will intensify your natural curves instead of flattening them.

Waist Cinchers For Postpartum Women

This shapewear comes with smoothing fabric details and structured boning to create an hourglass figure. This is most popular among postpartum women because of the abdominal support it provides.

Shapewear is no longer limited to traditional corsets and restrictive body shapers. Now you will find breathable and comfortable pieces that offer great support and compression while allowing you to do your everyday tasks. Hope this shapewear guide is useful to you. Choose from these top 5 body shapers and let your favorite person feel extra special!