Top 5 Accessories That An Indian Bride Can’t Do Without


Your wedding day is perhaps the biggest occasion to celebrate in your lifetime. If you don’t prepare for it, then you may feel stressed out. Indian weddings are no exception; rather we Indian are hardly left unscathed. If your wedding is on the cards, then it’s high time you start planning for it.

Picking your wedding outfit is one of the key decisions after you have decided to marry. Choosing the right accessories is another important aspect of your wedding. Like all other brides, you may wish to look your best on this auspicious occasion; but only the right accessories can bring out the best look on your wedding day.

wedding accesories

Your accessories must complement the wedding outfit and yet help keep things within your budget. After all, you won’t choose to appear gooey at your wedding, would you?

Few of the Most Popular Wedding Accessories Are Listed Here:


indian wedding shoes Indian Wedding Indian Bride Red Wedding Shoes High Heel

The wedding day is priceless and you can’t just overlook your shoes on this big occasion. These days, most of the shoe stores have customized options for your Sangeet as well as reception; however, you may end up taking a decision out of haste. You must have the comfort factor in mind while comparing your shoes at a store. The sky-high heels may not be a good proposition if you ought to wear them for hours at work. That’s one reason why most of you tend to avoid stilettos as an option for your wedding reception. You shouldn’t consider shoes that are higher than two inches for long durations.


indian bride makeup

It can make or break the image that you have. Try avoiding the Do-It-Yourself process. A friend who’s adept in using the make-up kit effectively can help you save the expense over make-up artists. All you need is a person who keeps you from being a clown and makes you look stunning on your special day. You must refrain from using too many colors. The reception is there to try out a few experiments. However, you may try a few unique colors and styles that suit your image.


indian bridal purse

It needs to match the wedding attire you have chosen. You shouldn’t hold a big clutch, but it should accommodate something bigger than the handkerchief. You shouldn’t hesitate about putting a few small things like that of your tissues, lipstick, and compact within the touch-up kit. If you can add your phone inside, there’s nothing like it.

Nail Polish


You have to be in the company of a good nail artist if you’re opting for a French manicure. You must have at least an hour in hand before you set on the wedding events. It’s hard to find time even when you have the right artist. Many of you won’t choose to opt for the French manicure once your nails get stained. Your pristine look may get spoiled by the Mehendi and Haldi ceremony. You’ll be using your hands for having food at some point of time or the other. That’s one reason why you ought to explore the maroon, red, and silver options. A quick top coat is all you can look forward to even when you stain the polish or chip it.


You can make things simplified for yourself. While picking the wedding bindi, you must remember the space on your forehead alongside the other decors. Wearing a simple smile on your lips can turn your face more elegant. A dazzling smile is a true reflection of your positive energy.

Now that you are aware of the small things that can change your look, you must plan things accordingly. You can’t change your appearance at the cost of your sanity. In a fast-paced world, you may consult an expert if you wish to gain knowledge on the benefits of using specific wedding accessories, especially the customizable ones.