Twenty Three Layers Puts on Unforgettable Events


If you’ve ever planned a kids’ bowling night or an office golf outing, you know that planning events can be a time-consuming, frustrating and shockingly expensive endeavor. 

But when it comes to corporate event planning, large personal events or major media draws, trying to do everything yourself can leave you pulling out your hair and clasping your wallet as if set upon by a gang of pickpockets. 

Twenty Three Layers is a design and event-planning firm that has led the New York event scene for years. They have a deep bench of event-planning professionals who have the knowledge, skills and connections to deliver world-class events at a price that will leave you smiling. And best of all, when you hire Twenty Three Layers to handle your corporate, personal or charity event, you can leave everything to them, yielding a rewarding and stress-free experience. 

 Nevertheless, some may still be tempted to handle the orchestration of large and important events themselves. Let’s take a look at three of the top reasons to hire a professional event planner, rather than going it alone, when putting together a critical event for your business, charity or friends and family. 

A good event planner will actually save you money

Some balk at the prospect of shelling out a large up-front fee to a professional event planner. But the fact is that doing so will often save significant money. 

Twenty Three Layers has solid relationships with local vendors that have been forged over years. They have the clout to get vendors’ rock-bottom prices. And they have the professional staff and accounting systems to ensure that once a budget is set it is never exceeded. 

Event planners ensure that every detail is attended to

Inviting 10 of your friends on a night out can be difficult to coordinate. But putting on a four-hour corporate extravaganza or a 300-person wedding requires a level of knowledge and attention to detail that almost anyone who’s not a full-time event planner simply won’t be able to muster. 

From coordinating the actions of vendors, musicians and wait staff to ensuring that proper lighting and floral arrangements have been met, professional event planners earn their pay and deliver strong value through their ability to leave no stone unturned. 

Event planners can save you a lot of grief

Planning a major event is hard work. And with so many moving people and parts, things inevitably go awry. 

If you are considering whether to hire an event planner or handle the execution of a major event yourself, ask yourself if you really have dozens or possibly hundreds of hours and a bottomless reserve of patience to contribute to the cause. 

If not, the half-hour or so you will likely spend coordinating with your event planner is a good alternative.