10 Best Hair Straighteners Available In India


Hello Ladies! Do you girls wish to flip your hair like a queen? Yeah? Alright! We know you wish for it but the freaking frizzy mane always thwart its way between you and you desiring for pin-point, sleek, shiny-straight hair.. And that’s when your hair straightener plays the role of a Knight in shining armor! But not every straightener can give you that glorious-tamed look. Hunt for that perfect straightener can be a bit tiresome! So, today we bring you the best hair straighteners that are available in Indian market or even you can search one in online shopping websites.

Top 10 Hair Straightener Available In The Market

1) BaByliss Hair Straightener

Price: 2995

BaByliss Hair Straightener- best hair straightener


If you are looking for straighteners that have different heat temperature settings, this is the one for you. BaByliss hair straighteners have impressing feature with LED screen, five temperature settings and resistance against hot temperature. This straightener also has ceramic plates that won’t even damage or break your hair. The slim blade makes it easy to hold and use smaller section of hair. It is mostly recommended for women with medium volume hair.

2)    Philips ProCare HP8339/00

Price: 3000

Philips ProCare HP833900- hair straightener

As we all know, Philips is quite famous for their hair styling products. The Philips ProCare range comes with dual core plates and EHD technology. It takes about 15 minutes to heat and LED lights designate the sign if the straightener is ready to use or not. Also because this straightener is light weight, it makes it easier to carry it anywhere. Suggested for women with wavy or curly hair.

3)  Philips HP 8315 Hair Straightener

Philips HP 8315 Hair StraightenerI personally love using this hair straightener. This one comes with a feature of an auto shut-off function, 30 seconds heat up, wide ceramic plates and plate locks. It is usually preferred for women with voluminous hair. The wider plates give you the access to iron your hair in wide sections. It is mainly designed so that you can get salon-straight hair at home with no time. Also the plate locks make it really travel friendly.

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4)  Remington S2002 Hair Straightener

Price: 1349


Remington S2002 Hair Straightener- hair straightening

This straightener comes with a temperature regulator which allows you to pick the temperature best suited for your hair. Also, the ceramic plates of this straightener are slim so that you can style your hair with ease. It has Teflon technology, which I might add is an added plus as it provides non-stick and smooth styling. The straightener is recommended for any hair type.

5)  Philips Multi-Styler Salon Stylist HP4696

Price: 1995

Philips Multi-Styler Salon Stylist HP4696

If you’re the type of girl who gets easily bored with one hair style, then this hair styler is a savior for you. It comes with an all-in-one hair styling tools so that you don’t have to invest your money on different hair styler. The tools that you get with this product are no less than the tools used in salon.

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6)  Panasonic Compact 2 in 1 Multi-Styling Straightener

Price: 1795

Panasonic Compact 2 in 1 Multi-Styling Straightener

This hair straightener from Panasonic has got some quite impressive features. It comes with 60 seconds heat up settings, ceramic coated plates, and tangle free 1.7m cord. Hair moves smoothly between the plates and gives you a polished and silky hair texture. Also it has 1 hour automatic shut off specification.

7)  Philips Kerashine HP8317/00 Hair Straightener

Price: 2099


Philips Kerashine HP831700 Hair Straightener

You know what’s the best thing about this hair straightener? This straightener comes with ionic technology, jojoba oil and keratin coated ceramic plated. These features are enough to help you style your hair beautifully with less time. It’s ideal when you’re running late for work as the extra large plates ar specially designed for women with thick hair. And jojoba oil and keratin coating plate makes sure you get the perfect shine.

8)  Remington S1005 Hair Straightener

Price: 2489


Remington S1005 Hair Straightener

If you want a quality product at the best price, this is the one you need to keep in your arsenal. It comes with temperature control so that you don’t damage or burn your hair. Ceramic coated plates will give you a sleek finish and plate locks makes it easy to store. You can straight your hair in maximum 15 minutes of time.

9)  Panasonic EH-HW17P Hair Straightener

Price: 1600

Panasonic EH-HW17P Hair Straightener

This hair straightener comes with a two in one function which allows you to straighten and as well as curl your hair too. With ceramic coated plates and regulated heat patterns, this hair straightener ensures to give you styled tresses without causing any damage to it and choose the right heat setting for your hair. It also comes with a heat protective storage cap so that you don’t have to be hassled to wait for it to cool down to put it back.

10) Corioliss K2 Argan Shine Hair Straightener

Price: 9950

Corioliss K2 Argan Shine Hair Straightener

Though the price is on the higher side, this hair straightener beats any other straightener when it comes to the aspect ‘does its job magically’. This straightener has black diamond ceramic plates and negative ion technology to give your hair frizz free and smoothened style. The best part is that the ceramic plates are infused with argan shine oil which nourishes your hair. So if you have really dull, dry and damaged hair, this baby will rescue you from the hassle right away.

How to use a hair straightener?

  • Choosing the right straightener

Choosing the right straightener is important because there are varieties of hair straightener for different hair types in market. You need to use the one that is most suitable for your hair type. Flat irons with wider plates are for thick hair and with sleek plates are for medium to thin hair type. Also while choosing, always select the ones with ceramic coating plates as these straighteners don’t damage or burn your hair.

  • Washing your hair properly

Firstly, you need to get rid of any traces of dirt and grime. Wash off your hair with a good shampoo and conditioner that is mainly formulated for hair styling. For thick hair, use shampoo that combats frizz and for thin hair, you need to invest in shampoo that will give volume to your hair. After, you are done shampooing your hair, pat it dry and blow dry if possible. Do not ever iron your wet hair as it will only cause damage and breakage of your hair.

  • Heat protecting serum/spray

You should always apply a heat protecting serum or spray when your hair is slightly damp. It allows you hair to fully absorb and spread the product deep into hair cuticles. This is a must step as skipping this step will only damage your hair further leading to split ends.

  • Sectioning your hair

Now what you need to do is separate your hair equally in different sections. This step ensures that you’re able to focus in each section equally. Set the straightener in right temperature. Take each section at a time and straighten it starting from the roots slowly going downward to your layers of hair. Repeat it maximum three times for each section. And you’re done! 😀 Also if you want extra shine, apply few drops of argan oil in the tips of your hair.

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So, these were some best hair straightener that are total value for your money. Make sure to keep one of them in your vanity and let us know which one is your favorite.