What Are Boyshorts? – Know The Reasons for Wearing BoyShorts


Today, it’s difficult to keep track of all the new styles and designs that are being available in the world of women’s lingerie. Not only there are numerous varieties of bras, but there are also many variations in the panties/underwear too. From hipsters to thongs, to high and low-waisted panties, to boy shorts, and more, the choices in styles and the material are abundant. 

Among these many innovations, boyshorts have been getting particularly very famous lately. If you have no clue what boyshorts are, and how they can change your lingerie game, keep on reading to know more. 

What Are Boyshorts? 

Boyshorts are a type of underwear for women that are made in a boxer shape. They provide coverage from the hips to the upper thighs completely. They snugly fit your body and shape your butt. Furthermore, they come in many sizes for all shapes of women. Owing to the shape of boyshorts being closely similar to the men’s underpants, they are called boyshorts but are meant for women. There are many varieties of the fit and fabric of the boyshorts that are available in the market. You can get, from cheeky to full covering fit, from cotton made to sexy lace, and many more. 

You might be thinking, why should I invest my money in boyshorts when I already have many panties. Well, let us look at the reasons for answering this for you.  

Know The Reasons For Wearing Boyshorts: 

1. Boyshorts are more comfortable than your regular panties. 

Regular panties often get uncomfortable and overbearing. Boyshorts can do wonders for you if you want to switch your regular panties with something comfy. The V-cut panties can sometimes feel tight and cause rashes, that’s when you need to wear boyshorts to keep your skin down there from further flaring up. Boyshorts do not have thin straps, like regular panties or thongs, that will dig into your skin and cause chafing.

2. Boyshorts can be worn as an alternative to bikini bottoms. 

Most women do not feel secure in wearing regular bikini bottoms when they are on a beach or even while swimming. The nasty stares of people could also contribute to making you unable to enjoy yourself. Fortunately, you don’t have to sacrifice all the fun, boyshorts are an excellent choice for you. They provide excellent coverage for your bum, and you don’t have to feel exposed while enjoying your day at the pool. 

3. They are perfect for loungewear. 

Boyshorts are a conservative yet sexy piece of undergarment that makes them perfect to wear on their own. You can rock your boyshorts as loungewear at home. They are equally well-suited even as nightwear if you don’t like to wear those full-length pyjamas. Being available in multiple styles makes them a perfect choice to wear as loungewear. 

4. They can solve your problem of visible panty lines.

Boyshorts can help you avoid those awful visible panty lines that pop out through the clothing and ruin the look. Boyshorts are usually seamless and high-waisted that cover your butt fully. So, the panty lines are not a matter of concern when you wear them. Boyshorts will save you from fashion faux-pas when you wear your favourite leggings, bodycon dresses, skirts, and many more such clothing pieces.

5. They are useful in avoiding wardrobe mishaps. 

Sometimes when you wear flowy dresses and skirts, the worry of wind blowing up and leaving you embarrassed is perpetual. Nothing to worry about anymore, boyshorts will save you. Boyshorts are very useful in avoiding such situations, as you can wear them underneath your dress, and you’ll be good to go. 

6. Boyshorts work fabulously as activewear.

It’s true. If you are actively involved in working out regularly, then you need boyshorts in your life. Boyshorts are just like normal shorts, except they fit you a little closer to the body, which makes them amazing to wear as workout gear. When you’re bored with wearing your regular gym wear, or if you don’t like the full leg covering bottoms, choose boyshorts and rock your gym looks. Boyshorts are comfortable and practical, as they come in breathable materials that make them ideal to wear during a workout. 

7. Boyshorts provides an extra layer under your thermal wear. 

During winters, boyshorts can be very useful to wear underneath your thermal wear. Thermal wear can sometimes feel a little itchy and uncomfortable. Boyshorts will help you in resolving such problems as they will work as a barrier between your skin and thermals. Moreover, the extra layer of boyshorts will help feel warmer and cosy during the cold season. These were our reasons as to why boyshorts should be a part of your lingerie wardrobe. They are comfortable, practical, useful, seamless, and many more such good things. Understandably, not every woman would love to wear boyshorts daily, but they are worthwhile to make them a part of your life given the many uses you can get out of them.

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