What To Do If You’re Allergic To Lash Extension Glue


Women need to know that allergies are always possible, and they occur at the point when you least expect them to. You can go through your entire life without any allergies, and then one morning wake up and be allergic to something so rare. This also applies to lash extensions. If you’ve ever been to a lash salon, you know how the procedure goes and what are the possible risks of getting them done. If not, here is all you need to know about them, and what you should do if you are allergic to the glue.

The Right Esthetician

The Right Esthetician

The right esthetician shouldn’t be too hard to find, but it shouldn’t be too easy either. In fact, someone who is well-trained will have a lot of positive and helpful reviews on their site. When you find them make sure you read their info. Eyelash extensions experts always tend to have their name and contact on the site, and a lot of before and after pictures. They always state out the exact products that they use in the application process, as well as possible side effects and reactions. They will guide you through the process and inform you about their every step. One of those steps will also be possible allergic reactions.

What If You Are Allergic, And How To Find Out?

If you are scared or skeptic about possibly being allergic to lash extensions and the lash glue, know that you can try out the so-called patch test. This test is done 48 hours before your appointment, where the esthetician will apply a small dot of glue on your arm and only proceed with the procedure if you don’t end up being irritated by this. Give it 2 days and then revisit your esthetician if you are feeling fine. In almost every case, women are allergic to the glue, and quite rarely to lashes, therefore this is the best way to test this theory out. In most cases women are allergic to either latex or formaldehyde, so make sure you know your allergies and avoid these substances.

Watch Out For The Signs

Are you feeling uncomfortable right after your treatment? Are you experiencing any irritation, or are your eyelids swollen? All of these signs might be a good indicator of an infection.

How To Treat It?

Most importantly, you have to know that everyone’s approach is different.

1. Cold Compress

This is like treatment in the form of a band-aid. The esthetician will apply the material on your lid and let it lay still on the eye for a few minutes. The band-aid has cooling properties which will calm down the swelling.

2. Cream

Sometimes a cortisone cream can serve you as an anti-allergy treatment. A small amount of this can be purchased over the counter, but only at your own risk, or if a professional advised you to.

3. Urgent Care

Sometimes a treatment won’t help out with stronger infections, and you should go to the emergency room. People in the emergency room will give you proper advice and help, but they will most probably advise you to take your lashes off.

4. Lay Still

This is more of a ”at home” remedy, in which you will be advised to lay down with a cold washcloth till your allergy does not calm down.