Why Do Teenagers Experience Hair Fall Issues?


Teenagers do not generally tend to experience hair loss. However, in the cases when they do, it becomes a major problem, which is even embarrassing for many of them. While there are several potential reasons for hair fall in teenagers, almost all of these are temporary. Nonetheless, it is essential to find out the causes in order to get rid of hair fall. Therefore, this article explains the common causes or reasons for hair fall in teenagers. 

#1: Excessive utilization of bleach, sprays, gels, and more Excessive utilization of bleach, sprays, gels, and more

Teenagers these days have been into hairstyling a lot, and when they are unable to fix their hair the way they want to, they tend to use gels and sprays for keeping them in place. Moreover, they are highly influenced by the advertisements, which further makes them use hair styling products for looking better. These products contain sulphate and other chemicals that tend to damage the roots of the hair, causing hair loss. Another common trend among teenagers is colouring their hair, which requires bleaching them. Bleach, like products of hairstyling, also results in hair loss. Last but not least, hair styling, especially with the use of heat, which includes curling and straightening hair, is among the major reasons for hair fall in teenagers. 

#2: Poor Habits of Eating

poor eating habits

While some teenagers may not even agree with this point, but poor eating habits can result in hair fall. Unsurprisingly, this is the most common cause of hair fall among teenagers. This age group is habitual of eating junk and following a diet that is not healthy for the body, which leads to deficiency of several nutrients, including proteins and vitamins. When an individual lacks vitamins, it becomes challenging for the body to perform the tasks it is supposed to. This consists of hair growth as well. Thus, through a proper diet, which includes the necessary nutrients, a teenager can stop their hair loss. 

#3: Medicine Intake

Medicine IntakeThis might sound surprising to you, but medicines can also be reasons for hair fall. Teenagers tend to be on medications generally, especially for treating acne. Certain brands of these medications consist of the kind of chemicals that are not good for the health of hair, which makes the hair fall. Further, certain pills associated with birth control have the same effects. Hence, in case you feel that your medication might be the cause of your hair loss, you must consult your doctor regarding a change in prescription or for identifying the major reasons for hair fall that you are experiencing. 

The Bottom Line

Hair fall in teenagers can be a result of a number of reasons. Since these may differ from one individual to another, you must consult a hair and skin specialist for finding out the main reasons for hair fall that you are noticing. Getting the right treatment and taking a proper diet can help your hair to become healthier and your hair fall is likely to then stop.