Why Korean Beauty is the Biggest Trend of 2018


South Korea is not new to beauty innovations. If Mango, Zara, and H&M are some brands famous for popularizing the fast fashion industry, South Korea has paved the way for constant inventions on beauty products. And with the massive advertising budgets Korean cosmetics companies enjoy, thanks to the state’s strong support, campaigns for new products reach worldwide as far as the US and Latin America.

It is incredible that today, BB and CC creams have fans outside of South Korea whereas before, these were regarded as the Koreans’ beauty secret. These products make it look as if you are naturally pretty and blemish-free, no matter how much BB or CC cream you put on your face and neck. But these secrets cannot stay in South Korea any longer, and now, people can even tell if you are wearing this kind of cream.

The most talked-about Korean skincare routine so far is that of K-pop and K-drama stars. Many people who see these celebrities online or on television always wonder how they get the skin and body to die for. These personalities almost look perfect and just a step away from looking like a doll. K-pop and K-drama stars as cosmetics endorsers is a vital strategy to encourage consumers to try the product. That is why it is no wonder why many companies get these celebrities for their advertisements.

Some fans are unsatisfied with just beauty routines and makeup. They even go as far as having plastic surgery to look like their idols. Some people like to copy Hyeyeon’s nose bridge or Sandara Park’s eyes. It is how obsessed people are with these celebrities, and their influence on fans’ decision on which beauty routine or makeup to try is more massive than you think.

The past years have been glory days for the South Korean beauty industry with an explosion of its product distribution worldwide. Not only are South Koreans familiar with BB and CC creams, facial masks, and face mists; but also, even people who have never heard of South Korea before the popularity of K-pop and K-drama.

There is tremendous pressure for South Korea to keep on releasing successful innovations in the beauty industry. The past few years have shown tremendous growth, and there are lots of expectations for this coming 2018. South Korean manufacturers have already tried releasing every product imaginable, including facial creams made with snail extract, lipsticks made with sunflower oil, and moisturizers infused with chamomile. What is yet to expect for 2018?

Korean cosmetics

For one, there is now a trend towards products infused with natural and superfood ingredients. South Korean products being released lately for testing include exfoliators made with chia seeds, blush-on and lip tints produced with beetroot, and moisturizers made with coconut oil. South Korean cosmetics product developers enjoy lots of funds even from the state so they can continue with their research.

The South Korean beauty industry is unafraid to try new ingredients for the products released. This fearlessness is what sets it apart from beauty industries from other countries, making it one of the most innovative countries in the world when it comes to cosmetics. It sets a standard for all others to follow, and South Korea paving the way puts it in the spotlight as to why it will continue to be the biggest trend of 2018.

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