Everteen Natural Intimate Wash Review


Everteen® Natural Intimate Wash is scientifically designed to promote body’s natural pH balance and maintain complete feminine intimate hygiene. Trusted as the best feminine hygiene wash with antimicrobial properties of 100% natural active ingredients, everteen® inhibits bacterial growth causing infection, unpleasant odour, Daily use of everteen®helps in preventing vaginal infections and provides relief from consistent itching or burning in intimate area. The feminine hygiene wash by everteen® prevents infection in intimate area, itching, discomforts and unpleasant odor.

  • Helps prevent vaginal infection
  • Helps prevent irritation & itching
  • Maintain vaginal pH balance
  • Promote intimate hygiene & Reduce intimate discomforts & bad odor

Adopt the complete feminine hygiene practice

The modern lifestyle, hectic work schedule and increased out of home movement and social activities, all these changes in today’s women’s life emphasized on the importance of feminine hygiene. Maintaining appropriate feminine hygiene for intimate area is one of the significant factors that plays role in every aspect of female reproductive health, sexual health and quality of life.  As per the recent studies, 70% of women do suffer with one or more vaginal infections at any given point of time and the reasons to this are “inappropriate feminine hygiene practice”.

We are heading to summer season which means more attention and care to maintain feminine hygiene. Summer is not a good season from the perspective as feminine hygiene due to aggravated intimate discomforts. Summer means hot & humid weather leading to more heat, more sweat. And more sweat in intimate area causes lot of intimate discomforts and resulting into vaginal infection too.  You need to be extra cautious by practicing good habit to maintain feminine hygiene in summer so that your daily comfort is not compromised. A good habit of feminine hygiene in summer shall help you prevent vaginal infection, vaginal itching, vaginal irritation or any other discomforts in intimate area.

Follow the below feminine hygiene tips and enjoy your summer:

  • Avoid tight clothing. The tight clothing affects the ventilation of intimate area and lead to increased sweat. It creates favorable environment for the growth of yeast and bacteria and can cause vaginal infection.
  • Always wash your vaginal area with everteen natural intimate wash. Everteen natural intimate wash helps in preventing vaginal infection, itching and bad odor. Everteen is the most recommended feminine hygiene wash which helps your vaginal area remain fresh and clean entire day
  • Never use soaps or shampoo to wash your vaginal area. Soaps/shampoo or scented items can disturb the pH balance of vagina and can cause vaginal infection
  • Wipe your vaginal area after urination especially when you are using public toilets. Toilets in mall, office or in public utility may not be hygienic enough. Use everteen natural intimate hygiene wipes for cleaning/wiping your vaginal area after using the toilet/commode. Wiping your vaginal area after intercourse is also highly recommended.
  • Avoid wearing wet clothes ( like after swimming) swim suits for longer period
  • Prefer to wear cotton clothes in summer. The clothes of synthetic fiber are not skin friendly

To maintain feminine hygiene in summer, you have to avoid anything which promotes the retention of heat and sweat. The increased heat and sweat in vaginal area can lead to overgrowth of bacteria causing vaginal infection and UTI (Urinary Tract Infection)

Everteen Natural Intimate Wash Review

A complete feminine hygiene care is needed for women with modern lifestyle and the appropriate intimate hygiene care starts with daily wash of your intimate area with Everteen Natural Intimate Wash. If you are in a profession or a socially active women who travel out of home then always carry Everteen Feminine Intimate Wipes in your bag and always clean your intimate area with everteen wipes after using the commonly used toilets. Not only toilets, in fact if you are involved in sexual activity then also you should clean your intimate area after intercourse with everteen wipes for maintaining appropriate intimate hygiene.

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