Common Myths About Buying Wholesale Engagement Rings


If you are about to pop the question and are looking into buying a diamond engagement ring, this article was written with you in mind. Many people mistakenly think that the only way to be sure of buying a genuine diamond ring is to purchase from a known retail jewellery store, and while this is possible, there are far cheaper ways to acquire a stunning diamond engagement ring. Here are a few of the myths that are associated with buying diamonds from a wholesaler.

Common Myths About Buying Wholesale Engagement Rings Image Source – Pixabay

Only Retail Jewellers Sell Quality Diamonds

All of the diamonds you see in a plush jeweller’s showroom would have come from a wholesaler at some point, and as every stone comes with a unique GIA certificate, if you buy from a wholesaler, you can expect to save around 15%, which is the very least the retailer would add to the price. The price difference could be as much as 30%, which is more than enough incentive to go out of your way to source the diamonds from a wholesale diamond merchant. If you look online, Diamond Brokers Queensland showcases custom engagement rings at very affordable prices, and what’s more, you can actually have the ring custom-made to come up with a unique item.

Wholesalers Will Not Sell To The Public 

This might be true in some industries, but not so with diamonds, providing, or course, that you buy from an established company. The definition of both retail and wholesale is becoming blurred, with the Internet changing traditional practices, and there are wholesale diamond dealers who would deal with the consumer directly. It is possible to receive a diamond report on any stone, which can be carried out by an authorised person and this will tell you the stone’s properties.

Wholesale Diamond Dealers Do Not Make Jewellery 

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Fortunately for many men, you can have a custom diamond engagement ring made with a wholesale diamond merchant, and all it takes to find such an organisation is an online search. The first stage would be to choose a budget, then the diamond dealer would show you many ring designs until you found something that is ideal. Once you have selected a design, the diamond supplier would help you to choose the stones, and with your input, the perfect ring would be created, and the cost would be comparable to buying an off-the-shelf from a retail jeweller.

Diamonds Come With No Certification 

This is a common myth that can easily be debunked, as any respectable wholesale diamond merchant would issue GIA certification with every stone they sell. If any organisation tries to sell you diamonds without certification, do not go ahead with the purchase, as you should receive GIA certification for each and every stone.

If you approach an established wholesale diamond merchant with a view to buying the stones and having the ring custom-made, you might be pleasantly surprised at just how reasonable this is price-wise. When buying diamonds, or any other precious stones, you should have a basic understanding of the 4Cs, which is the globally recognised diamond grading system, which will help you to determine the quality of any given stone.