Glamorous Or Glitzy For The Classy Casino


One thing about the casino is for sure – it is incredibly hard to know what the right way to dress for it is. I mean, there are certain events that you know you can dress for a very specific way – a wedding? Don’t wear white. A birthday party? Look fabulous. A casino? Well, who knows. I mean how are you supposed to dress for a situation where you are probably sitting at a table, looking at your cards, betting and thinking about how to outplay anyone else who is sitting at the table? Well, the good news is that you don’t have to ask that question if you are trying to play with the best online casino sites for real money. The bad news is, if you are going to an actual, brick and mortar, loud and drunk casino, you need to consider certain things.

One thing to note is that the casino culture has become much more laid back and relaxed in terms of what you are allowed to wear when going to one. This is the result of the many live tournaments that have started happening all over the world. But while the casualization of the casino goer dress code is still ongoing, the truth is that there are still many casinos that want you to wear something that is at least flashy, rather than just a t-shirt and jeans. Although the casual style is a trend in of itself, there are still those who choose to dress fancy when going to play. 

One thing I like to do when going up to the casino is to glitz up a little. I mean, what is the point of going to a casino if not to look fierce while I win? So I like to put on a bit of a cocktail dress and wear my high heels and makeup, but that does not mean everybody has to do it. Anyway, here is a quick list of things to wear when going to a casino, and an explanation of the dress code associated with it. 

Sequins, sparkles, glitter

Sometimes, I like to opt-out of the cocktail or the casual look, and go for the look of the casino showgirl that so many movies have made so alluring. After all, it is more of an archetype in the casino culture than the bond look, so sometimes its nice to indulge it. When I do go, I don’t differentiate between a long or a short dress, although I like the long one because of the class it brings with it. I like to also pick a dress that sparkles a lot, just because of the extra layer of the show that it adds to the dress. One that has no back is preferrable, and something that is not just a neutral colour like black, but fun and bright. And to complete the look I go for some large earrings, although any more jewellery than that and I might just end up contradicting the look. Oh and some nice smokey eyes definitely helps the situation. I might even go full glitter princess and add glitter to my make up too, just so I can shake light the star I am for the night. 

The cocktail queen

If you are not going for the sequin showgirl, there is always the bond girl look option. This is honestly one of the looks that is so underrated in the modern casinos. The slick, single color cocktail dress combined with gloves, a pearl necklace and a flawless makeup and hairstyling is something that you don’t see enough in the casinos these days. If I am going for this look, I know that I am going to spend a lot of time being the center of attention, even if all I want to do is take the money from the guys at the poker table. Simple heels are what I usually opt for, as well as some mesh fascinators for the hair unless I am going to be spending several hours getting ready with a professional before. 

I am here to play, not to slay 

Sometimes, when I go to the casino, I do not intend to spend several hours looking like candy. I go for the candy, and in this case, I mean the fun of playing and the fun of winning everybody’s money for myself. So sometimes I like to go for the androgynous look. At times this means putting on a hoodie and some jeans and going like that. At other times it means a shirt and some pants, or really, anything, because men think that if I am not wearing a dress I’m going for an androgynous look, for some reason. 

The country runs in my blood

Sometimes, I just want to feel like I am playing poker in Red Dead Redemption. This means that I put on my skinny jeans, put on my checkered shirt, some crazy cowboy boots (or something resembling) and put on my cowboy hat before I head out to the casino. Now, fair warning, not all casinos will think this is appropriate, but those are the casinos you don’t want to go to if that’s the look you are opting for. 

A classy lady from the days of old

By the days of the old I mean the 80s, and by classy I mean the full-on crazy 80s style that dominated the world at the time. It means lots of hairspray for the huge hair, crazy long nails and a lot of makeup. Bonus points if you get an oversized fur coat and even more extra points if it has a leopard print. Get a short skirt and high heels on top of that and bam, the look is complete. Although, it can be pretty hard to pull off and it might be a little wild in certain situations. So judge whether you are wearing it at the right place and time. 

Honestly though, the only way to decide what you want to wear at a casino is how you feel that way. There is no longer a specific dress code and you can honestly dress up in any way you want, as long as you are having fun. Just don’t go overboard and you will be fine.