5 Amazing Tips and Hacks to Impress Your Date


When you have a date ahead, one of the greatest worries is whether or not your date will have a good time. People know too well that no one will accept another date when they feel like they wasted their time with you. So, if you have asked someone out on a date and they have accepted, it is time to up your game with the following tips and hacks. If you follow them well, you will impress your date, especially if it is the first one.

1. Dress for the Occasion

dresses for occasion


Believe it or not, most people will know whether it will be a good time as soon as they set their eyes on you. How you are groomed gives the first impression when you meet someone. So, it is crucial to dress appropriately for a date. Men are better with formal or semiformal clothes while ladies should go for a good dress to compliment the man.

2. Wear a Genuine Smile

wearing a genuine smile

A good smile from the word go will help both of you to relax and keep everything flowing. Showing a gloomy face throughout the date is not healthy at all for some reason. Your date will be struggling to keep a conversion, but deep within them, they are wishing for this moment to be over. A good smile is complimented by confidence, jokes, and topics that are not intrusive to your date’s personal life.

3. Tease and Bring Fun

If you have been to any dating site like Happymatches, you will realize that most of the people are looking for partners who can bring fun into their lives. If you apply this to your date, you are likely to impress them. It all starts with complimenting your date and the flirtatious moments will start there. Play cautiously to avoid going overboard as this can turn the tables on you. And of course, this is not what you want.

4. Leave Your Bad Manners Behind

If you are fond of picking your nose, eating fast, or doing anything else that can annoy people, it is time to try your best and avoid them. This should not be mistaken with being yourself. Bring your best behavior, especially if you are meeting for the date in a public place like a restaurant.

5. Be Yourself

be yourself

One thing you should know is that people who fake everything are not the best on dates. Everyone hates when people try to be who they are not. It can be tempting to try and show your date that you have achieved a lot but trust me, you will contradict yourself in one way or another. The best thing is to be yourself from the beginning to the end. Let your date appreciate who you are and decide whether you genuinely impress them or not. It is better to know this early rather than later when feelings are deeper.


Now that you have got the right tips, it is time to make your next date the best. They have been proven to work by most people. You can also look around for more of these points and apply them.