Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Gradation Pink 2 Review


Heya Girlies!

Maybelline is one such brand that has tremendously grown popular and is on every girl’s checklist due to its high quality products and affordable prices. Be it their kohls, liners, lipsticks or anything, we all just can’t get enough of it! Today I’m going to review ‘Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Gradation Pink 2’ and am already in love with this bright pink shade. So here is the review on this gorgeous pinky shade.


Product Description

Maybelline New York introduces the newest Lip Gradation series for the bold and adventurous woman. These double-sided lip product are available in 8 bright, matte shades to engage you to try out the variations of the colors they offer. The lipstick gives a fabulous bright pink with which you can experiment your looks and bring out the unique style in your personality.They are really easy to apply and can be a fun way to color your lips. They have also given the sponge smudger at the back side for lip gradation.

Shades Available:

Coral 1, Pink 1, Pink 2, Red 1, Red 2, Mauve 1, Fuschia 1, Orange 1

Price: INR 500


The Maybelline Lip Gradation is a double-sided product which comes in a long and sleek pencil body with lip color on one side and smudge at the back of it. The lipstick is a crayon like which can be easily and nicely used on your lips. The smudger at the back of it is very soft and can be used to create a softer look. The pencil is color coded which makes it even easier to pick the one you like and gives the exact color on your lips as the pencil. The product name is written in silver on the pencil and has its shade name at the bottom of it. It is super easy to use and is travel friendly.



The Lip Gradation pencil is a super matter lip color with 8 shades in it and undoubtedly all of them are really pretty. The shade ‘Pink 2’ is a gorgeous bright pink that is apt for every occasion because it’s the perfect pink any girl would love. Its not too bold and not too soft which makes it a vibrant and versatile pink for every girl. The shade is very similar to the raspberry pink or you can say a little bolder than that.


When I purchased this lipstick, I was not too sure of whether it would suit me perfectly. But wooh! It came out super pretty and am in love with this each time I wear it. This shade will flatter almost all skin tones and is perfect for anyone who are fond of bright colors.


It’s just so lovely! Has a very creamy soft matte that glides on smoothly on your lips. Being matte, it has no shine at all. When you apply, just one go would be sufficient and it never feels too much on your lips. The consistency is extremely soft and gives a super matte finish to your lips without drying out. The lipstick is quite pigmented which is good enough to cover the pigmented lips. For anyone who needs a perfect pink with a super matte finish, this one is for you!



This Lip Gradation was brought up with the plus feature of creating ombre lips which is not so common in India. I’ve heard many people not so fond of the smudger they have provided at the back of the pencil. Well, most of you would not carry gradient lips but you can anytime experiment. It’s a very soft cushion tool to help you smudge the lipstick on the outer edges of your lips.For those who are not a big fan of bold lipsticks, smudger may give you a softer look with the same bright shade. Overall, the color looks stunning on your lips!


Staying Power

The staying power is incredible! It stays for around good 5-6 hours and fades off gradually with light meals. Even when the color fades away, it leaves a pink stain behind which gives a soft natural look to my lips.



Dupe Alert

This is a close dupe of Mac All Fired Up. Both the shades look almost similar but Maybelline pink 2 is slightly brighter and pinker than Mac All Fired Up. So, you can definitely try this one if you’re not willing to spend too much!


Pros :

  • Super matte finish
  • Very soft and creamy texture
  • Highly pigmented
  • Available in 8 shades, all of them are really pretty
  • Gives a bright raspberry pink shade that will flatter all skin tones
  • The pencils are color coded
  • Long staying power
  • Very girly pink- the perfect pink for every girl
  • Perfect blend of cuteness and hotness

 Cons :

  • Quantity is less for such a price
  • Smudger might not be of much use



In the end, I would definitely recommend to get at least one shade from the lip gradation series. The Maybelline Lip Gradation Pink 2 is the perfect pink for every girl and you’ll fall in love with it once you wear it. So, have your tried one from the Lip Gradation series? Do let me know in the comments below.