Beat The Heat! 7 Ways You Can Protect Your Skin This Summer


Hello beauties!

You skin is your love and beautiful skin begins with exceptional skin care. Yeah folks! summer is back once again with its killing ultraviolet rays which can not only burn out your skin but can cause serious skin allergies and even lead to skin cancer. While sun exposure is a key source of vitamin-D, its best if you keep everything in moderation. Not going outdoors completely is nearly impossible and impractical. So, its best if you take some preventive measures to safeguard your skin from the scorching sun this season. I know you’re very busy catching up your daily routine and work and so are facing a lot of problems. Don’t worry! Just follow some simple measures along with your busy life and feel the difference. Here are they :-

  1. Take Cover

The first and most important thing is to cover yourself from the sun’s ultraviolet rays that could impact your skin in numerous harmful ways. Try not to stay out between the hours of 11:00 am and 4:00 pm and get your tasks done in the cooler hours of the day. Always carry scarfs, hats and wear sunglasses to protect your skin from direct exposure in the sun. Prefer lightweight fabrics over dark and tightly woven materials to prevent any kind of itching.


2. Use Sunscreen Madly and Carry It

Well, its not just enough to apply sunscreen but using it the right way ensures protection against the harmful UV rays. Most of the people do not apply sunscreen the way it should be and so are not able to see  benefits out of that. A teaspoon of sunscreen for your face would be just fine. Always apply atleast 20 minutes before exposure to help your skin absorb it thoroughly. Choose the best protection for your skin, be it oil-free, matte formulas, chemical-free formula or more that works best with your skin condition.


3. Don’t Forget Lips and Eyes

Protecting your skin alone will not safeguard you from the damage caused by sun. You also have to take care of some delicate parts of your body. Your lips and eyes need an equal attention too! So do apply good lip balms and creams which contains SPF to fight with the UV rays not only on sunny days but even on cloudy days. Massage the balm gently on your lip area and use cream under your eyes so that they can be given an equal protection. Also carry them with you and keep re-applying to ensure protection.


4. Keep Yourself Hydrated

Roaming outdoors in summer generally leads to deficiency of water in our body. So for that reason, you should always try to keep yourself hydrated by drinking as much as water as possible and eating fruits which contains high quantity of water such as watermelon and melon. Drink at least 8 ounce glasses of water everyday to maintain the right amount of balance between your body and skin. Doing this will prepare your body to sustain the scorching sun and burning flames. You can also take energy drinks like Glucon-D and Glucovita to prevent your body from dehydration.


5. Exfoliate

Exfoliation is the best method to make your skin look younger and refreshing. As we roam outdoors in summer, dead skin cells gradually develop on our skin hiding the shining and smooth skin beneath. These dead skin cells pile on our face and make our skin look dull, rough and dry. To overcome this, it is required to exfoliate your skin using a gentle scrub which will get away all the dead cells from the outermost surface of the skin and help your skin look rejuvenated. Always use warm water for exfoliation. Steps for face exfoliation :-

  • Take a mild face scrub which will not irritate your skin.
  • Make your skin wet with some warm water.
  • Now take some scrub on the wet warm cloth and gently rub on your skin in small circular motion. Do not overdo it as it could do more harm than good.
  • Then simply rinse your face with warm water and apply your regular moisturiser.


6. Preparing Skin Internally

All the above methods are protecting your skin from outside. There is a chance that your skin can lack protection which may cause skin damages or skin burns. You also need to prepare your skin internally to fight against the harmful damages. Eat foods rich in anti-oxidants like Omega 3 rich fish, dark chocolate, cruciferous vegetables and greenies which helps in fighting skin related diseases. Do not ignore them and definitely try at least once!


7. Protect Hands and Feet

Not only your skin, eyes and lips, but your hands and feet also suffer from overexposure leading to skin reddening, tumors and even cancer. Always try to cover your hands and feet from the scorching sun. You should apply sunscreen with good SPF on your hands, feet and even your chest area which is more prone to skin burn. Wear full sleeves light-weight fabrics to cover your arms to avoid any kind of exposure in the sun.


So, these are some simple, yet beneficiary tips which will help you beat the scorching heat and obtain a flawless and glowing skin. Beautiful skin requires commitment, so invest your time and effort in it and see the wonders happening. Let me know if you have some other tips in the comments below and I’ll add it in!