8 Surprising Ways You Can Use Vaseline On Skin


When it comes to skincare, it doesn’t need to be complex or expensive. Why? It’s because you already have the multipurpose, DIY, and most demanding working product within your home itself. That item is none other than Vaseline. 4.1 million people use it. It’s a universally popular brand, and it’s not that expensive. 

In addition, this gooey petroleum jelly is safe and will not cause any irritation or discomfort to your skin. On the other hand, using Vaseline is also pretty effective as it will smooth your skin and make it glow. But there are several ways through which you can use this product on your skin. What do you know about them? Look at the information below. 

1. Removing the eye makeup: When you apply eyeliner or any other product type to your eyes, it is not easy to remove them with water. That is why you need Vaseline beside you. Within a matter of seconds, you will get rid of your eye makeup without any issues. You have to apply it around your eyes gently and remove the makeup. But make sure not to get it within your eyes. 

2. Exfoliate the lips: When you have decided to exfoliate your lips, you can do so with Vaseline. You add a bit of sugar to it and then slowly rub it over your lips. It will eliminate the flaky skin, and once you’re done, clean your lips and apply a bit of the jelly on your lips to moisturize them.

Exfoliate the lips

3. Sooth the cracked heels: Do you have cracked heels? No problem, you can use this particular cream on it. Try applying it every day before going to sleep and cover up your feet with socks. 

4. Make the perfume last longer: Want to smell like flowers all day long? Take a bit of the petroleum jelly and dap it on the ankles, wrists, and knees. After that, you can spray the fragrance. Vaseline has the power to absorb the scent and make the last way longer. 

5. Make lush lashes: You can use this particular creation as an alternative when your favourite mascara has dried out. You can brush a bit of the jelly so that it can make the lashes pop out. 

Make lush lashes

6. Quickly open the nail polish bottle: You can take a bit of the petroleum jelly and apply it within the interiors of the nail polish cap. Doing so will not seal the lid too tightly so that you can easily open it.

7. Refresh the scuffed shoes: Take a bit of Vaseline on a soft material and apply it to the scuffed or dull leather shoes. It will clear away all the roughness and make the shoes look good as new.

8. Protect your skin when dyeing your hair: If you frequently use boxed hair dyes, you are well aware that it can be pretty challenging to avoid them sticking onto your skin. But there is a solution for it. Take a bit of the balm and apply it to the hairline, the back of your neck, and the top of your ears. Doing so will prevent the dye from sticking.

Protect your skin when dyeing your hair

Final Thoughts On Vaseline

There are so many ways through which you can utilize this particular jelly on your skin. Some of the most valuable ways are already provided in this article, which will give you the information you need on how to use it.