4 Luxury Brands That Care About Sustainability


In a study done by McKinsey & Company, it was reported that two-thirds of millennials are willing to spend more on clothing brands that prioritize sustainability. While the high fashion industry isn’t particularly known for having an eye for the environment, luxury is the result of consciousness.

This means that the consumers who care about sustainability don’t all relegate themselves to wearing brown paper bags. The world can do with every helping hand it can get, so it’s great to know that the industry synonymous with fur and alligator skin is also making a positive change.



While the high fashion house has been in the business for a good 80 years, they’ve been making a more noticeable impact in recent times for their trendsetting designs. Balenciaga has also developed a better consciousness for sustainability by making goods that don’t damage the environment, respect animal welfare, and preserve resources.

Unlike what some brands have done with their footwear in the past, you won’t find a pair of Balenciaga sneakers with reptile skin, fur or any other animal product. Not only are they sustainable, but also extremely stylish. If you want to invest in some Balenciaga footwear, you can find a collection at SSENSE who stock the best Balenciaga sneakers and other luxury products – especially if you also care about great prices.

Rag & Bone


Despite having grown their collection to an extensive list of pieces that incorporate New York style and British flair, Rag & Bone started out as a denim company.

It’s no coincidence then that the luxury label teamed up with Cotton Incorporated and their Go Green initiative to launch a program that encourages shoppers to bring in their old denim for recycling. The recycled material is then made into insulation for homes instead of being disposed of.

Stella McCartney

stella McCartney

This UK-based luxury designer has been putting together striking modern garments since the early ’90s that have reshaped fashion on numerous occasions. Stella McCartney has made strides in the sustainability world by creating labels that encourage consumers to take better care of their clothing, thus prolonging the lifespan of each piece.

They’re also a member of the Ethical Trading Initiative and is very selective about who supplies their materials. In most cases, the brand works with smaller artisans located in Europe. McCartney herself also collaborates with conservation organizations such as Parley for the Oceans and Wildlife Works.

Ninety Percent

ninety percent

While they only launched in 2018, Ninety Percent has made a splash in the fashion world for much more than just their excellent range of modern, minimalist garments. As the name would suggest, they donate 90% of their profits to a charity of the customer’s choosing.

The brand explains that of the 90% that is donated, 80% goes directly to the customer’s chosen cause, while 5% goes to the producer and 5% to the people who run the brand. Compared to most “charities” out there, it’s an impressive statistic, to say the least.


It’s great to see not only large labels that have been around for some time doing their part but also new initiatives that put a huge focus on sustainability and giving back. We can only hope that the trend continues to grow in the future.