How To Dress Rosie Huntington Whiteley Style| Best Street Style Looks


Rosie Huntington Whiteley Fashion Inspiration

We’ve seen her on the big screens starring in the Transformers and on the bulletin boards of Burberry and Marks & Spencers. Our magazines feel incomplete without her and so does our style. Model Rosie Huntington might just walk the ramp with designer clothing on but her street style is no less. The model’s off-the-duty looks are chic and effortlessly elegant. Here are some of her most loved outfit and tips on where you can get similar styles.

Rosie Huntington Whiteley Style

1. Style with Bomber Jacket

Rosie Huntington

This outfit is one of her top street style this year! The pieces are really simple and you will find them easily almost everywhere. Bomber jackets are really in vogue this year and it gives off a finished look to your whole outfit. The rest are very basic pieces and the boots are comfortable for walking long distances and suitable for a long time. You must definitely steal this look for the upcoming autumn season!

2. Carry Off- Shoulders

Rosie Huntington style

This red floral look is perfect for the current season! The ‘daring shoulders’ or ‘off-shoulders’ look is in style at the moment if you haven’t noticed yet. The vibrant color of the top paired with a dark pair of jeans and sandals and a pair of chic sunglasses gives off the flawless summer casual outfit.
(Psst! If you go to M-block market in GK1, New Delhi, you will find similar tops and sandals in abundance. This outfit is ideal for college days!)

3. Leather looks sexy!

Rosie Huntington clothing

Nothing else brings out the ‘edgy’ look than a leather jacket. Rosie pairs her leather jacket up with very simple pieces and focuses on one color scheme. For those who have an unconditional love for the color black, this look is to die for! It is chic, polished and edgy! The simple thick choker necklace also really gives off a trendy vibe and puts together the whole outfit.

4. For a simple yet chic look!

Rosie Huntington style inspiration

Do you often get stuck when the dress code says ‘semi-formal’? Do you wonder how much of ‘casual’ and how much of ‘formal’ is needed in an outfit? And how to also look trendy at the same time? Rosie Huntington has answered all your doubts and questions with this one chic outfit. She pairs her basic casual white T shirt and Jeans with a blush pink colored coat. The coat seems to give off a more polished and formal look while still keeping it neutral and simple. The blush pink color also portrays a calm and cool vibe. She keeps it trendy and stylish with her accessories. The fedora hat and the big white tote bag says it all. She carries it off effortlessly and yet, flawless.

5. When in doubt, wear Denim!

Rosie Huntington

Want to tone up your basic ‘black and white’ look and yet stay simple? Add a denim shirt! It works in many ways. Here, Rosie wears it but leaves the top unbuttoned. You can tie it around your waist too or wear it as a normal shirt. Denim is a staple piece for a casual look. Rosie pairs hers up with a pair of dark sunglasses and a classic black handbag. And of course, who can ignore the minimalist white pair of sneakers. She keeps it stylish, cool and comfortable.

6. Go with vibrant colors

style inspiration from Rosie Huntington

The color khaki is really in vogue this year! Be it jackets, pants, tops or bags, it seems like it is the color of the year 2016. Apart from just the celebs, you might have seen it in stores and your friends wearing it all around the season everywhere. Steal this casual and extremely comfortable look of Rosie’s. She pairs up her khaki colored jacket with a striped T-shirt, a basic pair of blue jeans and simple slip-ons. She keeps it trendy and dressy with her accessories. The hat, sunglasses and the bag puts it all together.

7. Less is always more and classy!

celebrity inspiration - rosie huntington

Here, the supermodel is playing with the neutral colors and her main focus seems to be on looking ‘classy’. She keeps it a little casual by wearing her favorite pair of classic blue jeans and on top she wears a flowy white blouse. Her brown heels and her snake-skinned pattern clutch really add a pop of color and playful patterns to her look.

At the end of the day, wear whatever you feel confident in. You do not need to look like another model. Just be yourself and play with your style. Do not overlook the ‘comfort’ factor while deciding an outfit for the day. See how a supermodel like Rosie Huntington chooses to wear sneakers and slip-ons and yet still look chic. You need not wear high heels and heavy accessories to feel confident and look good. The beauty is seen in your confidence and your confidence will come from your comfort zone! Go take on the streets with your style, ladies!

Which is your favourite look of Rosie Huntington Whiteley style? Do share your experiences and views on how you would like to style these looks.