Improved Business Decisions Using NetBase Tools for Social Media Listening


Modern businesses have found themselves in a conundrum. They are aware of seemingly endless amounts of data that can be leveraged to their advantage. However, online data is unstructured and can be overwhelming. This is where social media tools become important. By incorporating the latest advancements in social media listening solutions, companies can precisely target the consumers that make the best customers while supporting business agendas like new product launches.

Social Media Monitoring vs. Listening

Successful business ventures necessitate both, the management of current operations and, capitalizing on new opportunities. The digital age has changed how organizations achieve their goals, but the fundamental principles prevail. Social media tools exist to help companies leverage online data while remaining focused on their market niche.

Two essential social media tools pertain to monitoring current operations and listening to ongoing communications to improve the chances of new opportunities. Social media monitoring involves the tracking and management of data to support current operations. Social media listening incorporates tools that focus on understanding the meaning behind the massive amounts of online communications. These tools often overlap.

The Advantages of Employing SM Listening throughout an Organization

Unless an organization has no dealings in the online business world, it can benefit from specialized social media listening tools. Gaining a competitive edge will depend upon how well a company can listen. Success in this endeavor will very much depend upon the types of listening tools that are used. Employing SM tools do not need to strain business operations.

It is important to grasp just how advanced social media tools have become. By incorporating artificial intelligence (AI), professionals gain access to data through user-friendly interfaces. This is critical to making use of complex machine learning (ML) programs. Ultimately, business professional will be capable of more than simply being aware of data flowing deep throughout the Internet. Deep ML enables for the identification, manipulation, and real-time adaption to consumer data.

How NetBase Incorporates SM Listening to Help Businesses Reach Their Goals

There are many ways that social media listening tools can be applied. NetBase helps companies understand how to best utilize listening tools. Broadly speaking, listening solutions pertain to market and product advancements, as well as, customer service and public relations. Some of the specific ways that NetBase can benefit a company are listed below:

  • improve brand health
  • increase customer acquisition
  • get more out of influencer marketing
  • targeted innovation and launching new products
  • seamless and fast crisis management
  • reduce customer care costs

NetBase also provides solutions for instances when social media applications overlap, for example monitoring a recently launched product that may require intent listening efforts. This is often the case when beta versions of a product are launched. Businesses need to dedicate themselves to their market niche while staying ahead of technology. This is made easier with NetBase solutions.


Social media listening can be a profound asset to an organization. These tools, that are advancing alongside AI interfaces and deep ML, are becoming increasingly essential. Listening tools are most crucial for organizations that operate in a competitive environment. While lax business practices can wait for consumers to find them, companies that are launching new campaigns need to leverage all relevant data in real-time. This is indeed possible and becomes more targeted the longer listening tools are applied. Using the services of a company knowledgeable about these AI tools is the best way for businesses to succeed in today’s online world.