Best Indian Dresses On A Glance


Indian dresses are an important part of the Indian culture. They represent the tradition of the past but kept in the present. If you are looking for some gorgeous Indian dresses and if you can’t have enough of them, you can check out through various online portals. At Nihal Fashions, they offer you the best Indian clothes at very affordable prices.


Indian Dresses: Sarees

It is one of the most common outfits of Indian culture. The women from Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Nepal also wear them. There is a lot of ways to wear them, and it is an art to pick from all the colors, fabrics, etc. The sarees or saris are very elegant and they can be used for formal events.

There are also different draping styles, depending on the region, and some of them are:

  • Nivi drape: this one comes from Andhra Pradesh. Its story began in the aristocracy, and its main function is to accentuate the woman’s curves.
  • Arthpoureyshari: this one comes from Bengal. Its story tells us that this was used by the most important woman in the household. Nowadays, it is a little different from the modern-day sari because it has a box pleat at the front.
  • Mekhela chador: this one comes from Assam. This is one of the most elegant ways to wear the saree, if you want to dress for a formal event, you may want to use this draping style.

Salwar Suits

Inidan dresses: Salwar Suits

This is the most common Indian traditional wear for women. Because they are affordable and also very comfortable, which an important feature of the Indian clothes. The good thing about this salwar kameez is that they can be combined in different ways. They have also different types. Each type of salwar kameez is different, and so, you have to know if you want a casual or a formal look. You have to also know the different types of salwar suits.

The fabrics are also very important, because during the winter you may want to use some fabrics like brocade or tussar. But, during the summer, you may want to use breathable fabrics like cotton, chiffon, crepe, etc. This is always looking for comfort while using these clothes.

Lehenga Choli

Indian Dresses: Lehenga Choli

It is an important part of the Indian culture. Is three-piece and it has different styles because of the cultural influences. Some of the variations are Sharara, Lacha, and Gharara. This type of Indian dress is perfect for use at a wedding or engagement functions.

The trendy designs are more often used than the traditional ones. You can find floral designs, ribbon work lehengas, pastel shade, thread work, etc. If you want to look stunning with an Indian dress, this may be one of the options to consider.

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