Best MAC Lipsticks Available In India – Our Top 10!


Top 10 MAC Lipsticks Available In India

An essential cosmetic product for every girl is definitely a lipstick. In fact, most of us started out with clear lip glosses or stole it secretly from our mother’s purse and smudged it all over our face! Thankfully, with time passing by we learnt how to properly apply it and limit it only on our lips. Yet, we still face the challenge of selecting the perfect shade of lipstick. What will suit our skin tone? On what occasion should I wear it? No need to panic! Here are some of the best MAC lipsticks available in India.

Best MAC Lipsticks Available In India

Best Selling MAC Lipsticks In India

1. MAC Ruby Woo (Rs.1,540)

This is the iconic lipstick that put MAC on top of the cosmetics world. It is deep red in color and gives off that classic matte red lip look. It is a blue based red and makes the teeth look whiter. It barely transfers onto your cups and glasses and promises to last all day. All this makes it one of the best MAC lipsticks and most desired lip color and I believe it will continue to be so in the later years.

MAC Ruby Woo- Best MAC Lipsticks In India

2. MAC Lady Danger (Rs.1,540)

Lady Danger is another red lipstick but more of added orange toned. It is a little lighter in color than Ruby Woo but is definitely one of the best selling lipsticks in India. Lady Danger will definitely be standing out due to its bright color, so carry it out with confidence ladies! It will certainly compliment fuller lips than thin lips. It is also very moisturizing on the lips. If you have a tanned or warm skin tone, you need this in your life!

MAC Lady Danger- Best MAC Lipsticks In India

3. MAC Rebel (Rs 1,450)

This shade is more of a purple plum color with a satin finish. It gives off a deep and dark tone on the lip. It intensifies your look as it portrays a very ‘vampy’ look. This is definitely for the ladies out there who are up for adventures like a spontaneous long drive or go on a fun-filled Friday night out!

 MAC Rebel- Best Selling MAC LIpsticks In India

4. MAC Girl About Town (Rs.990)

Bright and fresh lips, that is how the MAC Girl About Town wants to show off. Looks great on a light or a little warm skin tone. It gives off a very fun-filled and young vibe. It is a definite summer look and an ‘on-the-go’ lip color for many ladies, which is why, it comes up as one of the best selling MAC lipsticks in the market.

MAC Girl About Town- Best Selling MAC LIpsticks In India

5. MAC Russian Red (Rs.1,540)

Yet another red lipstick collection of MAC’S, which comes to be the top seller, the MAC Russian Red. It is the exact color of the classic red lips which Marilyn Monroe rocks. Its deep red tone gives a perfect red carpet look! Yes, it is a tone darker than Ruby Woo and Lady Danger. Russian Red is said to be next best lipstick after Ruby Woo. It is moisturizing and won’t leave your lips dry all night.

MAC Russian Red- MAC Best Lipsticks

6. MAC Twig (Rs.1,540)

This lipstick gives off a light, pink plum look. It is most suitable for olive skinned, i.e, medium skin color or for light skin. An everyday look as it gives off a ‘natural’ lip color on the lips. Hollywood stars like Kylie Jenner really made the ‘mauve lip’ look popular and totally chic.

MAC Twig- Best MAC Lipsticks

7. MAC Mehr (Rs 1,540)

Mehr is a beautiful pastel pink color and suits a lot of Indian skin tones. Another one of the pink lipsticks, but a little more close to the color nude. It is the ideal every day look you would want to wear as it gives off just a slight color to your lips and not making your look too extravagant. You can quickly just put it on your lips and you’re good to go!

MAC Mehr- Best MAC Lipsticks In India

8. MAC Brick-O-La (Rs.990)

MAC describes it as a mid-tone berry lip color. It’s suitable for people with thin and small lips as it gives off enough color and not grabs too much attention. Its mid-tone cool color with a slight brown base also makes it great for an everyday look. It will look gorgeous on a olive skinned or on a little dusky skin tone.

MAC Brick-O-La- Best MAC Lipsticks In India

9. MAC Amplified Creme Lipstick Vegas Volt (Rs.990)

This is one of MAC’s best coral red lipsticks. Its bright coral red stands out and is a party look for many. It really compliments a dusky skin tone. It promises to keep your lips moisturized so you do not need to worry about any cracks, girl!

MAC Amplified Creme Lipstick Vegas Volt- Best Selling MAC Lipsticks

10. MAC All Fired Up (Rs.1,540)

For a much awaited ‘girls-night out’, the MAC All Fired Up is the perfect look to go with. Its bright pink with a red base gives just the right balance of fun and flirty. The best part of this lipstick is that it suits pretty much all the skin tones! It is definitely a show-stopper and people will be approaching you persistently asking you what color it is.

MAC All Fired Up- Best MAC Selling Lipsticks

Well, these are just a few best selling MAC lipsticks, so do not limit yourselves to just these few lip colors, ladies! There is a wide range of different shades and tones available. Explore and experience more! Let those lips really stand out as your best feature. So, which is your favourite lipstick from MAC? Do let me know in the comments below.