Bridal Gowns for The Modern Bride – Not Your Mother’s Wedding Dress!


As decades go by, fashion makes its mark on the wedding gown industry. The 1970s bride wore large sunny hats that were the fashion statement of the decade. The 1980s bride was likely to have shoulder pads, and the 1990s bride was apt to wear a short white dress.

2017 introduced some daring looks that took a while to catch on but are now taking the industry by storm. 2017 introduced the sheer wedding gown. The barely there, gown looks like what we rationally expect to see on the honeymoon instead of in the chapel. The gown is made of sheer fabric and lace. It is delicately designed to cover only the most sensitive of areas. Entire legs are exposed through lace to the hip or waist. Scooped backs are popular as are, tops that would be modest in design, if made of a thicker material are stunning and daring and lovely.  This look is not for the faint of heart. It takes a lot of confidence to slip into this bridal gown and march down the aisle in front of your parents and grandparents. But the beauty that can pull this look off is stunning, to say the least.

Understated and Chic

The other side of the spectrum is the bride who wants understated elegance. She is wearing satin and lace in vintage style. Trains are a big part of her look. The length of the train is unimportant. From the short train to the sweeper to the long and elegant cathedral train, this bride is the very essence of beauty.

The winter bride will be wearing a bridal cape. Some have a lovely hood that is often trimmed in fur. Most are satin and lace and a few are tulle and lace. But, the heavier version is the trendiest for this winter.  Outdoor wedding photos of a caped bridal party in a winter scène make for some sensational wedding photographs. This look is especially popular during holiday months when bridesmaids are dressed in deep red, forest green, or royal blue.

Bridal Cape

To complement this look the brides are wearing elbow length white gloves.  Some brides are adding the white gloves and a less elaborate version of the bridal cape to the bridesmaid’s attire. This winter wonderland look is sure to come back for the next few in winters.

When the bridal party heads indoors for the ceremony the capes are removed and floral halos are added to the hair. The bride is replacing her cape with the traditional train, which is attached to the back of the head and cascades down.



Another option that is trending is thick cascades of fabric. These dresses have wide ruffles that begin at the waist and cascade to the floor. The skirts are not extremely wide. The dress of more form fitting and the ruffles flow easily giving the illusion of some width without too much actual width. Combined with a strapless, sweetheart neckline, this is feminine and soft and very romantic.   


Traditional wedding gown

There is always room for the traditional wedding gown and there are always brides who want that look. The mermaid gown is moving into the arena. It has been on the top of the lists for many years now. However, the mermaid gown will never fully replace the full-skirt, white wedding gown with veil, train, and pearl embellishment.  The traditional gown of the year has sleeves (long sleeves are most popular) and a modest neckline.

The modern bride need only decide what she is most comfortable wearing. There is something to make every bride glow.