Choosing The Finest Glue Guns Is Mandatory For Crafts


The guns oozing out glue can be stated as the mainstay of crafting world, which will make the projects quite possible. There are some materials which need proper glue to cover the deals. Right from lace to paper, wood and metal, you can use the guns for gluing anything you want. It is the easiest and less messy ways to cover all your gluing needs, all under one place. Moreover, these guns are quite inexpensive, when compared to the other options from reputed brands. Not only that; but even the glue stick is available readily. So, you can easily use these sticks with the guns for the easier usability.

More About The Tool

Glue Gun

The glue based gun is mainly a hand held device, which will feed on a solid glue stick. There is a heating element in the gun’s body, which will help the gum to melt easily and apply through the nozzle of the gun on the current spot. The adhesive flows out of the gun’s metal, which is a cone shaped tip. These guns are available in so many sizes. There is a mini gun, which is around few inches long to those industrial grip models. There are some manufacturers, who might offer battery based guns for use. But, there are some other models, which are available with plug-in units, which can be powered by some of the home power outlets.

Why Choose These Guns?

why choose glue guns

Now you might be wondering why Glue Guns are widely in use? There are so many reasons for you to choose these guns. Let’s just know the basic reasons for that.

  • In case you are working for any delicate material or have children by your side, helping you out, going for low temperature gun is perfect. It helps in melting the glue sticks at around 250 degrees Fahrenheit. On the other hand, the market houses some of the high temperature guns primarily used for bonding some of the substantial materials like wooden structures and can be operated at 380 degrees F.
  • There is another feature to consider when you are looking for these guns. Some people might want to go for the trigger fed guns and then you have the push fed model. With the help of trigger feed, you have to slip in the glue stick into hole, right at the back of gun. Each pull on the trigger will stick into heater and helps in oozing out the gum from the nozzle. On the other hand, you have trigger free models, which are simpler to use. Push the glue stick with thumb pressure, that’s it!

Focusing On The Uses

There are so many projects, where you have to use the glue guns. It is used for adding beads or other decorations to wood, glass, ceramics, bricks, stones and more. On the other hand, you can use the guns for reupholstering chair seats for that fresh new look. Once you start using the glue guns, you can easily understand the reasons behind its growing popularity.